A true love story – Farang and Thais, written by Andreas Einwag

love-storyMy personal love story. Who does not know, problems in the job, too little money and too much work? Added to this were many more and useless problems and again this paperwork with the authorities. All the more I was glad after a long time to see my cancer friend again. But what had happened on my trip to Thailand and after my arrival in Thailand, I never would have thought before.

When I arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok around 6:30 pm, I went to the bus line. From there I took the bus to Pattaya at 19.30. Because my girlfriend had moved again, we wanted to call again as I come to her. Unfortunately, I could not reach you. So I took the bus from Bangkok to Pattaya and asked the scooter riders if they could drive me to the address.

Because everything went so fast at the airport and I wanted to get to my girlfriend as quickly as possible, I had not bought a prepaid card for my mobile at the airport. So I asked the driver if he could call her, unfortunately we could not reach her. So we drove in the direction of the residential district and asked several times for the way. After we drove up and down the street several times, we stopped at a 7-Eleven shop to buy a map for my mobile phone. Then I contacted my girlfriend on the phone, whereupon I let her explain to the driver where to go.

Bad news

The excitement did not even tell me I had your daughter on the phone before I gave the phone to my driver. Arrived at the place of residence, I met your daughter and slowly realized what was going on. She explained to me that my girlfriend was not feeling well, so she did not contact me before my departure and she is in the hospital. Then she showed me the bedroom, where I set myself up. Before I took a shower, she told me that we would get up at 5 in the morning and drive to her.

At half past ten I went to bed, but because a lot of thoughts went through my head, I slept only until 2:40 and then made ready for the departure at half past five. When we arrived at the hospital shortly before 7am, we had to wait a few minutes for the visit. So we went to her at point 7. My friend was in the second row, in the room there were a total of six rows of four beds each.

To see my girlfriend lying motionless and sad in bed was my first shock after my arrival, but the nightmare only began. When my friend recognized me after the second look, she pulled a light smile on her face. She moved her head very slowly and could hardly move on her own. This sight shook me too deeply.


The shattering truth

In the other beds were even more cancer patients, it was even worse and totally wired. Opposite was another boy who was cared for by his parents and relatives. I often struggled not to cry, but overwhelmed me with what I saw. Because the visit time was only from 7 to 8 o’clock and from 12 o’clock to 20 o’clock we did paperwork in between.

The hospitals are a bit different than in Germany. The rooms can only be divided by curtains. We stayed there from morning to night, while the daughter had a lot of paperwork to do, I took care of my girlfriend. The parents of the critically ill boy took turns for one or two hours to massage their son’s legs and arms. They always rested alternately in the stairwell and even stayed there overnight.

This raises the question of who earns a living, often it is the other children and siblings of the ill. That’s how tears came down when I saw them feeding their son liquid food through a tube. Others have a device with a tube to suck up the saliva in the mouth so that these patients do not choke on it. It’s hard to imagine what sorrows are. People with cancer simply have a hard time, not just physically, but mentally. Many smokers are not even aware of this, but cancer can affect anyone else.


And so the love story goes on

The flight over Abu Dhabi and the long journey to Thailand via Munich as well as the lack of sleep, showed up gradually. In the hot April weather in Thailand, my feet also hurt from the many back and forth. So I rested a bit in the stairwell and nodded again and again.

In the evening we drove home for about one and a half hours. The next morning we drove back to my friend to drive her to another hospital for further treatment. Later, my girlfriend and I received a slightly happier message that she was allowed to go home. My presence also gave her some strength, but it was still a bit spongy. The stay for the treatments lasted until the evening and so we did not return until the night.

So far my girlfriend has had several chemotherapy and radiation therapies and a few ob’s. She was again subjected to strong chemotherapy, which again led to the loss of her hair. The metastases have spread to the brain, which does not make treatment any easier. I hope to finish and for everyone else. I believe in science and hope for an early breakthrough to cure cancer.


That should change!

What I want to achieve with my very personal life story and true love story is the following: There are so many rich people with opportunities to do something meaningful. But companies should also set priorities and contribute valuable to humanity. I believe that we would have long since found something against cancer if priorities had been strengthened here.

Which is why I have changed myself after this experience and Randy Design stands for more than sustainable and fair trade produced fashion. In this way, future profits should increasingly flow into research, development and support for people with cancer.

Maybe someone donates the necessary change to get people moving in the right direction for a moving film. I will also post this on my web pages and distribute it on social media.

For you my love! Be strong and hold on!

I hope you fell asleep without pain and satisfied. I hope I could offer you a nice time. Rest in peace! Until we hope to meet again in a new world. Your daughter has informed me. 09.09.2019 RIP

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