Alcoholic drinks in Thailand – the popular Thai whiskey

Spirits like liquor, alcoholic drinks in Thailand

Alkoholische Getränke in ThailandThis post is about alcoholic drinks in Thailand like spirits and liquor in Thailand. Which are the most popular spirits in Thailand? Thai Liquor, wines and liquors.

The most popular alcoholic drinks in Thailand

Besides beer, there are other popular alcoholic beverages in Thailand. Not only the tourists like to drink schnapps in Thailand, the Thais have their favorites. Thai fires such as rum are also available in Thailand. The two most popular Thai fires are SangSom and Hong Thong Whiskey. Of course there are vodka, cognac and bacardi in many nightclubs and bars.

Liquor in Thailand

A very popular brand in Thailand, is a rum like SangSom. It is often referred to as Thai whiskey in Thailand, but is a rum. SangSom is usually mixed with cola, but can also be drunk straight. In addition to the SangSom with 40% alcohol content, there is still the Hong Thong with only 35%. The Hong Thong whiskey is also a rum and not a whiskey.

Difference between rum and whiskey

What is the difference between rum and whiskey? Rum is made from sugarcane. For white rum, there is no cask storage, whereas the brown rum, here the barrel storage is indispensable. Taste is much sweeter due to the raw material than a whiskey. Incidentally, rum may be flavored.

Whiskey is made from grain. The drying of the malt is partly done by smoke.
Cask aging at least three years for Scottish / Irish / Japanese whiskey and two years for American whiskey. The whiskey must not be flavored, but especially the barrel influences the taste in addition to the storage time.

The fermentation of rum and whiskey takes place with the conversion of sugar into alcohol by yeast fermentation.


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