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Pattaya Beach Road


Anyone who travels to Thailand for a holiday has certainly heard of Pattaya Beach Road. The drive with the Songthaew in the Beach Road costs only 10baht per ride and per person, which is another 10Baht roads, you can find out on our Thailand Travel Blog Homepage.

At Pattaya Beach, there are plenty of loungers to rent on the beach for a relaxing afternoon. On Pattaya Beach there are many opportunities to practice water sports. However, there are many speedboats on the beach, so you should take care of yourself.

For swimming in the sea there are separate and separated areas. Unfortunately, the beach over the years, has been heavily contaminated by the tourist growth and the Thais. So do not be too comfortable and take the minute to dispose of your garbage properly. Because obviously many have already thought, alas the sea is already washing away. Thank you for your commitment to a clean beach! Hard-working helper shirts are available in our fashion shop, and the purchase of Randy Design products not only benefits cancer aid.

Hungry on the beach & Pattaya beach seller

If you relax on the beach and get hungry, you do not have to leave your rented couch for the day. On the beach of Pattaya come again and again sellers with delicious international but also Thai food over. Even ice cream and fruit vendors come by occasionally. Somewhat unappealing are the a little more intrusive watches and jewelry vendors who want to get rid of your fake branded souvenirs.

Beach massages

For a leisurely and relaxing day at the beach could still do a foot massage very well, you should think. You will also find Thais, who offer their various body massages on the beach. On the island of Koh Larn it has happened before that a masseuse wanted more money for the massage. Our neighbor on the couch just wanted a foot massage for 200baht an hour. The masseuse not only massaged her feet but also her legs and a leg massage would normally cost extra. So there was an unpleasant dispute over the payment afterwards. Finally, but then the customer has won and the masseuse went on after repeated excitement. Who has already made similar experiences from you? Please write it in the comments, thank you!

Hotel recommendations right on Pattaya Beach

You would like to go on a holiday in Thailand and are looking for a nice, cheap hotel right on the beach in Pattaya? Then I have some very popular accommodation options for you. However, if you want to do a long-term vacation in Thailand and Pattaya, I recommend to rent an apartment or a house. Great offers can be found at my local partner.

  • Directly on the beach and on Pattaya Beach Road is the popular Hardrock Hotel. From here you have not far to the Soi6 and Soi7 side streets and to the very beautiful Central Festival.
  • The Central Festival hosts the classy and much more expensive but luxurious Hilton Hotel.
  • A-ONE Pattaya Beach Resort.

Bars and clubs on Pattaya Beach Road

The bars on Pattaya Beach Road are just as popular as the Soi side streets to Pattayasaisong Road. In the middle of Pattaya Beach Road are some very nice beer bars with good happy hour offered. The Soi6, Soi7 and Soi8 are very popular streets with many bars, clubs and massage salons. In the evening, one often sees the music and show cars of Hollywood Pattaya driving through the streets with mood-setting music. The Seaside Market is located between Soi6 and Soi7, where you can buy souvenirs and accessories as well as evening meals and cocktails.

Freelancer on the beach of Pattaya

Who in the evening a beach walk between the palm trees in the Pattaya Beach Road makes, we quickly noticed, that there are also several well-dressed ladies. Most of these ladies and lady boys are freelancers so freelance service providers. The Thai girls usually go with you only for short time and want to earn their money, there will certainly be a few who are looking for something longer. After all, the Thais are only human! For the Thai ladies on Pattaya beach no so-called Barfine so trigger is necessary. Because they are free-working! In general, short-time freelancers cost between 500 and 1000baht. In general, when traveling, take care of your valuables!

7-Eleven, money exchange offices & ATM machines

Along the Pattaya Beach Road are many 7-Eleven shops and money exchange offices. ATMs are as plentiful as travel agencies and tattoo studios. On the road between the Dolphin Roundabout and Walking Street there are several Burger King, McDonalds and KfC, where you can eat. Several subway and German restaurants are also located in the Beach Road.

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