Big Buddha, Buddha Mountain of Pattaya

Day trip to the Big Buddha, Wat Phra Yai, Buddha Mountain of Pattaya

Big Buddha Pattaya

Our day tour to the Big Buddha on the Buddha Mountain of Pattaya. Our journey to the great Buddha of Pattaya. From Naklua we made our way. So we took a Songthaew on Naklua Road to the walking street. Then we ran up the street and went there in one and the other shop on the street.

In a bookstore my friend bought a dictionary to learn the German language. I took some postcards and a book about the Thai culture in English. After walking the road in the wrong direction for a very long time, we asked for directions several times. The hot and sunny weather does not make the running easier and more enjoyable.

Buddha Mountain Pattaya

After making a detour of about 4 km on foot, we finally came to the foot of the Buddha Mountain of Pattaya. The road winds along the hill in beautiful curves, while next to it, in the beautifully landscaped garden, there are stairs. We climbed the stairs to Wat Phra Yai. For your information, the Thai word for temple is Wat. Thus, the temple on the Buddha Mountain in Pattaya is called Phra Yai.

Finally arrived on the mountain, another staircase, with dragon heads on the sides, leads up to the temple. At the Big Buddha, on top of the Pattaya mountain, one has an excellent view to the sea over Jomtien and to the island Koh Larn. Through the trees you also get a good view over the city of Pattaya. On the mountain we looked at the Buddha statue, took pictures and videos and watched the sunset.

Another adventure was our return from the Big Buddha


But before the sun disappeared, we decided to go back again and descended the Buddha Mountain, with some nice memories in our luggage, down the stairs. In between, we got some refreshing drinks on the way to the 7 Eleven and ate something.

After struggling back to Walking Street from Wat Phra Yai, the Buddha Temple of Pattaya, we took the Songthaew back to our hotel on Pattaya Saiong Road. The day trip was worth it, but not for our feet. The long detour to the mountain we walked around 15km and that on a very hot day. After we arrived exhausted at home, we enjoyed our cold shower and rested for a few minutes. To calm our hungry stomach, we went with the scooter in a nice restaurant for dinner and let the day end comfortably.

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