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Survival tips, make fire, desalt water, find food

Survival tips, survive in the wild Just in case our Survival Tips. Those who would like to survive in the wilderness should now memorize our vital survival tips. The three main pillars of survival are water, food and protection from the weather. It is very important to know how to properly prepare water and what foods to eat. Also essential is knowledge about making fires and building a shelter. In…


Snorkeling on Koh Chang

Snorkeling on Koh Chang, day trip to the surrounding islands of Koh Chang Snorkeling on Koh Chang, today we have been picked up at 8am at the reception at Klong Prao Resort. After we picked up a few other passengers at other hotels, we went to the pier. On board were a few German tourists. At 9.30 our boat started to Koh Tonglang Island, where we went for the first…


Songkran Water Festival in Thailand, Thai New Year Festival

Thailand, Songkran Water Festival Songkran Water Festival is celebrated not only in Pattaya and Bangkok, but throughout Thailand. The Songkran Water Festival is the Thai New Year festival. The water festival is celebrated in the streets of Pattaya during the week, in the afternoon until the evening. In the Naklua Rd. Down to the Beach Road and in the Soi side streets is celebrated violently before. On the streets, in…


Barfine, trigger for Bargirls and Gogo Girls in Thailand

Barfine, trigger for Bargirls and Gogo Girls in Thailand What you should know about the so-called Barfine, so the trigger in Thailand, you will learn in this blog post. The trigger is different and depends on the following things: First, the place in Thailand. Second, and the most important criteria for the Barfine is whether it's a simple bargirl or a high-end Gogo Girl. First, let's first clarify what the…


Real estate agent – rip off or good choice? Hourly wage 700 €

Real estate agent - valuation, information obligationEveryone knows them, the estate agents, but are these also a good choice or just rip-offs? We'll take a closer look at this in this post. Who now thinks I am here something rhyming with me, he is wrong. I myself have completed a certificate course to the real estate agent and passed well. (On German legal bases and laws) Why I'm laying it…


Recommended Travel Products – By travelers for travelers

Recommended travel products, travel equipment, equipment This article is about recommended travel products, which travel equipment makes sense for a Thailand trip? We help you to find the most necessary travel equipment. All of these travel products are affiliate links. We thank everyone for making a purchase through our links, you can also buy other products. However, our recommended travel products have been tested by us and other travelers and…


Boys Strip Club

Boys strip club in Pattaya - Shows for mens and women Because the boys strip club show was so spectacular in the Boys Town the other day and the holiday is running low, we decided to go back to the Boyz Boyz Boyz. The Boyz Boyz Boyz show was a bit different tonight than we've seen before. As you may remember, today is the day we were there for the…


Wongamat beach in Pattaya Naklua – Day trip to the beach

The Wongamat beach Day trip to Wongamat beach in Pattaya. On Sunday I got up at about 11 o'clock, after a nice cool shower I went to the Lotus next door to buy water and breakfast. For breakfast I bought small croissants, plus a good coffee from my lovely girlfriend. A watermelon is always a refreshing experience on the hot days in Thailand, this must not be missing with me.…


Christmas in Chiang Mai

My first Christmas in Chiang Mai Today is the 24.12.2017 and my first Christmas in Chiang Mai together with my girlfriend. A few days ago we bought our engagement rings. Because it was so exhausting yesterday, we stayed in bed a bit longer and time passed. Unfortunately, when I discovered the hot springs on the Chiang Mai map, it was already 1pm. Hot springs of Chiang Mai The hot springs…

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