Boys Strip Club

Boys strip club in Pattaya – Shows for mens and women


Because the boys strip club show was so spectacular in the Boys Town the other day and the holiday is running low, we decided to go back to the Boyz Boyz Boyz.

The Boyz Boyz Boyz show was a bit different tonight than we’ve seen before. As you may remember, today is the day we were there for the last time and why we left the club.

The strip shows

At the beginning there was a street dance insert in the Boys Boys Boys, then the young and well-trained men dripped, dripping the hot wax of the candles on their chest and on their tongue.

Ladyboy show

In between, there was a Lady Boy singing performance before things got tough. In the truest sense of the word, the young men came running behind a curtain on the stage. There were holes in this curtain through which the guys put their erect penises. After the show with the shaky penises was over the curtain, the boys came to the spectators to collect a tip.

Choose men

There were breaks between the boy shows and the boys presented themselves on stage. Here you can choose a young man, buy a drink, talk to him and even take him home for more fun.

Why did we leave?

Unfortunately after the penis show a few young men came to us with their hats and erect penises and wanted to tip them. Because they did not leave until you got something and it made us uncomfortable, we gave you 100Baht. When they came to us one more time and we found that very distressing and unpleasant, we shot at them.

More Men Sprip Shows

As in the last show, there was a performance in wise lingerie under rain and in the leather outfit in the cage. After that was too much In Boys Boys Boys and I needed a refreshment we decided to go to the Walkingstreet. For the first report of the Boys Town visit.

How much does a boy drink?

A Boy Drink in the Boys Club costs 450Baht, the regular 280Baht beers and the 350Baht cocktails.

When do the shows take place?

The shows take place once at 10.30am and at 12pm in the evening.

So we visited in the walking street of Pattaya, the a Gogo Skyfall. In the Skyfall Gogo Club, there were dancing Gogo Girls on the poles. The same is true of the newer Pattaya strip club.

Strip Club with Russian women

As we continued down Walking Street, we went to Russian gogo club Marilyn Monroe for a cocktail. The Marilyn Monroe is a fine tabledance club with Russian women. My Mai Tai cocktail cost 350Baht and the Gogo girls want a 100Taht tip. There was a small show in the club that evening. Here, dressed as a sexy Russian teacher, Gogo has heated a man on stage for 10 minutes. What I found extremely annoying was that the greedy Russian Gogo women kept trying to get a tip just because you hopped around a bit in front of me on the pole. Because we had this intrusive fuss to Bund, we also dungeon the strip club Marilyn Monroe after a short time.

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