Boys Town – nightlife in Thailand – Pattaya night and strip clubs

Boys Town in Pattaya

Boys-TownIn the evening we drove to the city to celebrate and Boys Town. After we went down the Songtaew in the city with the pickup truck, down the Beach Road and got off in the Soi 13/1, we went through the Soi`s and looked around a bit. In the Soi 13/4 it goes on the right side, coming from the Beach Road, in the so-called Boys Town. (Boyz Town) Here we went to Club Boyz Boyz Boyz at 11am. The Boyz Boyz Boyz is a strip club with young mens.

Strip Shows – prices

There will be 2 performances at 2 times, one at 10.30 am and the other at 12 midnight. The club has 1 drink 1Show. In the club we ordered 2 soft drinks 0,2l coke for each 280Baht (7,40 €), beers also cost each 280Baht. A drink for a stripper costs 450Baht (11.80 €), a cocktail costs 350Baht (9.20 €). With good music, we let the mood affect us and waited anxiously for the shows. There were many people in the strip club tonight. Around 11.30pm, the first shows started with half-naked guys, who put on a breathtaking performance.

The men and strip club shows

Her freestyle street dance moves were live here in the strip club and many times better than in the movies Street Dance. This show alone eliminated the price of the drinks. Then came a Lady Boy Show with music and singing. Before it gets really hot and erotic at 24 o’clock there was a 5 minute break left.

During the break, the young men with 6Packs are on stage for free choice. So the first hot show started with 5 young men in leather lingerie and sailor apparel. A steel cage was put on stage for this purpose. In the cage the young men rub themselves together with erotic movements and in their erotic light clothing.

The second show at Boyz Boyz Boyz took place with burning candles. In this show, the top without men and in erotic underpants, the hot wax dripped on your upper body and on your tongues. It continued with 5 young men in transparent white lingerie and erect penises, these rub against each other under a water shower with erotic movements. Then in the group around a kneeling around. Other erotic shows were conducted in leather strings and leather shoes and sailor hat.

Another time we went to the strip club again, the shows varied to this performance, more about that in the other review and why we left. To the other report.

Boyz Boyz Boyz conclusion

My conclusion for the Boyz Boyz Boyz is: very good entertainment. For those who are looking for young, sporty and well-trained men, the Boyz Boyz Boyz is the perfect choice! In Boyz Town there is another strip club and various menbars for women and men.

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