By bus to Kanchanaburi

By Bus from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi


Our travel report about the bus trip to Kanchanaburi. How to get to Pattaya – Kanchanaburi for the most favorable price. When the two twins from France arrived in Pattaya, we went on a little temple visit for a tattoo. In the evening we went to eat Muh Ka Ta and celebrate together. Because we already planned our trip, we knew where to go. So we booked our bus tickets in the next few days and prepared everything for the trip to Kanchanaburi. More information about the buses can be found at Kanchanaburi. In the Tesco Lotus we bought a large styrofoam cooler and our food for grilling and ice to cool.

On 23.01.2016 we drove to our bus stop and have everything stowed away. On the way by bus from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi, I was able to take very nice pictures of the surroundings during the day. In between, we stopped at rest areas to go to the bathroom and to eat something. So we arrived after an 8 hour drive in Kanchanaburi at the bus station and took from there a Songthaew in the Si Sawat district to the reservoir.

Wang Macha Wasserfall

Visit the Erawan National Park

If you're traveling to Thailand, check out Erawan National Park and Erawan Falls.

Bungalow für 12Personen

The houseboats and the reservoir

A great adventure and destination in Thailand is the reservoir and an overnight stay in the houseboats.

How do you get the best and cheapest to Kanchanaburi? Buses to Kanchanaburi leave from Mochit Bus Station in Bangkok. From there you can get to the train station or further to the city. From Kanchanaburi Bus Station, there are other buses to the national parks.

How to get to Kanchanaburi

There is a public bus operated by Srimongkol Konsong between Rayong and Kanchanaburi, which also connects Pattaya with the popular tourist destination on the River Kwai.

The bus travels twice a day along the route (Rayong-Ban Chang-Sattahip-Pattaya-Aoundom-Phaknum-Pharpadeang-Bangkok Rama II Rd.-Nakhon-Pathom-Ban Pong-Kanchanaburi) and the same route.

In Pattaya the bus starts at 9.30 and at 19.30 at the bus station in 3rd Road.

How long does the bus ride to Kanchanaburi take?

The journey time from Pattaya via Bangkok to Kanchanaburi is about 6 hours and costs 240 THB. Where exactly the bus is you should ask by phone and reserve the bus tickets or pick up 1 day before.

After Kanchanaburi the bus was very easy and also to the reservoir. But, how do you get from the reservoir in Kanchanaburi to Bangkok?

In Kanchanaburi at the Bho Kho Sho bus station, the bus departs at 8:00 am and at 5:00 pm via Bangkok, Pattaya to Rayong.

If you can not reach the bus on time, what now? We would not have made it from the Suri Farm in time for the bus, because the check-out at the hotel would have been awake the next morning. So we asked opposite Thais, if someone would drive us to the bus station. Why a Thai speaking person is very helpful when traveling to remote places. And so a man drove us in his pick up to the nearest bus station in Kanchanaburi. You can also find a cool excerpt in our video. For the return trip, we gave him of course money, which we have previously identified. From the bus station we drove afterwards in the minivan to Bangkok.

Kanchanaburi railway station

The train station is in the middle of the city next to it’s 100 Years Princess Mother Park. By train from Bangkok you can reach the city in a few hours. A ticket from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi costs around 100Baht. Near the train station there are several sights, shops and accommodation.

Travel tips for a bus ride to Kanchanaburi

What travel tips can I give you now u.a. for a holiday in Thailand?

  • Have a Thai speaking person with you when traveling to remote places
  • Put on something warm, because the buses are very heavily air-conditioned
  • Take enough cash with you or a credit card, bank card
  • Toilet paper for bus travel and long tours
  • Do not forget sunscreen and mosquito repellent
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  • Anyone who has an international driver’s license or can drive in Thailand can also rent a bus for travel. Offers a group of 6 or more people.
  • Be careful when traveling, saving valuable money for other things.


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