Chiang Mai in northern Thailand’s city sightseeing

Chiang Mai City Sightseeing


Our Chiang Mai city sightseeing tor on the 23.12.2017. Just before Christmas, we will do a Chiang Mai city tour. So we’ll take a closer look at the temples and sights in the city. Now it is just noon and we are still in our hotel room, have a very good breakfast in the morning and just load our cell phones and power banks. At about 13 o’clock we drive with the red Songthaew to the city park in the city. The ride costs 30Baht per person.

On the picture to the left you can see the city wall and the city gate Phae Gate. Because we were very hungry, we are sitting in Mc Donald`s to get something to eat. On the square at Phae Gate there are a few booths for souvenirs and other things. In the evening there are, with some music, fire shows instead.

With the Songthaew to the city park


For 80Baht for two we were driven directly from our hotel to the city park Suan Buak Haad. In the Suan Buak Haad City Park of Chiang Mai you can buy food for 10Baht and feed the pigeons or fish. For 15Baht you get a seat blanket on which you can relax in the city park.

The Suan Buak Haad City Park is perfect for a family outing, feeding the pigeons and fish, or treating yourself to ice cream or sweets. In the city park are also fitness equipment where you can do sports for free. The city park is open between 4 and 21 o’clock and also has toilets.

The Chiangmai downtown

Chiang-Mai-InnenstadtDowntown Chiang Mai can be easily explored on foot, but also with a tuk tuk or bike. After a restful hour we walked into the city and looked at the temples and sights of Chiang Mai. It did not take long for us to stop in the ICHADY. There we have a large coconut for 50Baht, a cherry-banana-orange-smoothie for 50Baht and a coffee for 40Baht. Then we continued along the road until our next stop at the intersection.

Lunch in Chiang Mai

In the hotel / restaurant we finally made our lunch at 15.30 o’clock. Then we left the Phrapokklao Road to the temple Wat Chedi Luang left. Definitely worth a visit to the Wat Chedi Luang temple in Chiang Mai.

Temple in the city center


The entrance to the temple complex Wat Chedi Luang costs 40Baht. In the temple complex there is an older temple surrounded by several temples, statues, trees and plants as well as a Buddhist school. Near the Chedi Luang Temple are other smaller temples such as Wat Phantao and Wat Duang Dee. After visiting Wat Phantao and Wat Duang Dee in the city of Chiang Mai, we continued on Phrapokklao Road to the Three Kings Monument.

After a quick stop at the Three Kings Monument and after taking some pictures of the temple, we continued on the Ratchawithi Road towards the city ring. As we walked past the Yupparaj school, we came to a 10Baht shop on the right. In this 10Baht shop my friend bought us two Santa hats.

Massages on our city sightseeing

Because our feet were already hurting, after we walked about 12km through the city on foot, we went to a massage salon on Ratchawithi street. Near the Zira Spa we have a relaxing foot massage for each 200Baht.

After our foot massage, we walked down Chanyaphan Road to Tha Phae Gate. Tha Phae Gate hosted a very nice fire show, which we looked at. After I ran to tip, my girlfriend noticed that my pants were torn at the back. In search of a new pair of pants, we walked along the Tha Phae Road. In Tha Phae Road are a few restaurants, hotels, a jeweler shop, a temple, banks, café and a few clothes shops. A few hundred meters later, we walked to the right on Thapae Road Lane 1 to the Ploen Ruedee Night Market.

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