Nightlife in Chiang Mai, night markets, bars and clubs


The Chiang Mai nightlife is not comparable to that on Phuket or in Pattaya. Where are the entertainment districts in Chiang Mai? Beer bars and Gogo clubs to celebrate.

Of course there are some nice gogo bars and strip clubs in the north of Thailand – so do not worry. If you want to see great fire shows, you should go to the Chiang Mai Gate in the evening. There are daily fire shows in the square every evening.


Ploen Ruedee night market in Chiang Mai

The Ploen Ruedee Night Market in Chiang Mai is open Monday through Saturday from 5pm to 12pm. The Ploen Ruedee Night Market serves international food, beer, music and souvenirs. When we got there, played good music and so we looked a little at first on the night market. Because there was so much good food and we got hungry again, we decided for the seafood. While waiting for our grilled fish with rice noodles and tip for 205Baht, we noticed many German tourists on the Ploen Ruedee night market. A big Chang beer costs 149baht at the bar and you can eat and drink in the market wherever you want. For this there is seating in front of the stage or outside at the barbecue stalls. There are on the Ploen Ruedee night market spare rips, kebab, seafood, burgers and many other food to taste.


Walking Street of Chiang Mai

When we spent a good 2h on the Ploen Ruedee night market, we walked the Chang Klan Road towards Loi Kroh Road and looked at the stalls at the night market. Loi Kroh Road in Chiang Mai is full of bars. There you will find a few ATM machines and massage salons. Other bars and even table dance clubs can be found along Kotchasarn Road.


Klare Night Bazar

In the Chang Klan Road is the Klare Night Bazar with countless many other stalls. As we were on the way to Klare Night Bazar countless stalls with great souvenirs and interesting food, we also found a great ice cream. Here, on the way back, I had a rolled ice made for 140Baht. You can see the production in my video. In Chang Klan Road you will find great and lighted Tuk Tuk Cars, from which we had to drive 200Baht to our hotel.


Chiang Mai downtown at night

If you want to see beautiful illuminated temples in the evening in Chiang Mai, you should take a city tour. We also walked through Chiang Mai in the evening and looked at the great sights and illuminated temples.

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