Christmas in Chiang Mai

My first Christmas in Chiang Mai

Today is the 24.12.2017 and my first Christmas in Chiang Mai together with my girlfriend. A few days ago we bought our engagement rings. Because it was so exhausting yesterday, we stayed in bed a bit longer and time passed. Unfortunately, when I discovered the hot springs on the Chiang Mai map, it was already 1pm.

Hot springs of Chiang Mai

The hot springs I Chiang Mai are located about 30km east in San Kamphaeng. A drive there would take us 40 minutes, so the good idea of bathing in the hot springs of Chiang Mai passed away. So I went for a walk in the afternoon, while my girlfriend was resting in the hotel. Not far from our hotel was the Mercure Hotel and there I discovered a tops market. In the Tops market you can buy groceries or Thai branded clothing. So I bought 2 new shirts and a long pants for 2500Baht for the Christmas dinner.

Our Christmas Eve

Weihnachten-in-Chiang-Mai-Phae-GateAt the Mercure Hotel, pretty girls in Christmas outfit and a Santa Claus have distributed presents and taken pictures with us in front of the Christmas statues. Then we drove into the city to The Phae Gate and stormed into the opposite McDonalds. In the McDonalds I bought my girlfriend 2Cheseburger and for me there was the Angus Beef Burger in the menu. From the second floor to the McDonald we enjoyed the terrace, the view to Phae Gate and watched the fire show.

A Gogo Girl Club in Chiang Mai

A-Gogo-Bar---Chiang-MaiAfter our dinner we walked down the street and turned into a Gogo Girls nightclub. In the A Gogo Girl Club, we had a few beers and the good mood from the, dressed in sexy Christmas lingerie, girls act. The hot Gogo Girls heated up on the Christmas Eve dancing on the poles. To change money, we then went to Loi Kroh Road. In Loi Kroh Road there are more bars for a leisurely evening in Chiang Mai. There are also a few discotheques in downtown Chiang Mai, for example the spicy.

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