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The best Credit card for traveling – Thailand vacation

Kreditkarte zum ReisenWhich credit card for traveling is suitable for worldwide travel? Well, there are a lot of credit card providers so the choice is not always easy. Before you get a credit card you should answer these questions. If you have these answers, it will be easier to find the right credit card for travel.

Important questions for a credit card for travel

  • Do I often need a credit card?

Do I often shop on the Internet or do I like to pay for purchases with my bank card? This question is very important! Because running costs of the cash card pay for itself, if you often pay with it. Since you usually get benefits for your card payments.

  • Do I travel more than once a year?

Frequent flyers earn miles and get more great discounts and savings. If you travel more often or even travel the world, you’ll get many miles well written. What does that mean? If you fly to Thailand twice a year and pay with the Goldcard, you will get around 3000km. That means, after 7 flights of the same range, you get one for free.

  • Do I need a foreign health insurance? (Travel outside the EU)

Often on offer at the banks for certain credit cards, save a separate AKV.

  • Do I like to book my own hotel and flight myself?

Also brings many discounts and benefits.

  • Am I early bird?

Saves me again money by including travel cancellation and demolition insurance.

  • Do I have a job and a living income?

Will u.a. needed to apply for a credit card at a bank.

What are credit cards for?

What you should pay attention to with credit cards, see the star report. It’s already in the name. Credit! So pay in advance with the bank’s money. This gives the borrower liquidity and the bank earns it as well. Although you should handle it very carefully, the credit card is very helpful and beneficial.

Which credit cards are there?

Golden Master Card

The Golden Master Card is my favorite credit card. Why is this my favorite? With the credit card I get as a traveler the best conditions. From frequent flyer miles to insurance and great discounts on bookings. Learn more about a Golden Credit Card.

Barclaycard Visa

With the Barclaycard you pay no annual fees and thus save yourself some money. However, the fees for credit at annual fee free credit cards are much higher. In other words, if you have not covered your card enough or are unable to balance your credit for too long, the bank will make your money.

DKB credit card

With the DKB Cash Card you can easily withdraw cash worldwide. Many of acquaintances and travelers use this card for a holiday in Thailand. So far I could only hear good from you about it. The card is advantageous for your low interest rates.

ICS Visa World Card

Another top credit card is the Visa World Card. Benefits of this cash card are no annual fee and cash withdrawal fees.

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