Driver’s license in Thailand

Führerschein in Thailand
Führerschein in Thailand

International driver’s license in Thailand and validity

What about the story that the international driver’s license is no longer recognized in Thailand? It was a long time in Thailand, so you could drive with your license in Thailand, if you had an international with you. Although you were still stopped as a foreigner and usually had to pay a few baht for any deficiencies. Since the agreement of April 24, 1926, you must be able to prove a Thai driving license for a longer holiday in Thailand. If you are in Thailand for more than 3 months and want to drive there, you should have a Thai driving license.

Why not just continue like this? The whole thing could be very expensive. It’s not just penalties if you’re stopped by the police but rather if you have an accident. From a legal point of view you will then look very “stupid”. If you have to go to hospital and are seriously injured, your insurance company might not accept the cost of the damage. Furthermore, if other road users come through you to damage, this is really expensive.

Description of the German driver’s license

To transcribe the German into an international Thai driver’s license you need the following:

  • Valid passport and a non immigrant visa
  • Certificate of your accommodation, e.g. from the embassy or immigration office
  • 2 Pictures not older than 6 months
  • Your vehicle license
  • Cost about 550Baht
  • The validity of the driver’s license is 2 years


Two-year driving license for Thailand (Thai driver’s license)

How to get your Thai driving license. What do you need for the license?

  • ID and visa
  • Certified address (place of residence) in Thailand
  • Original international driver’s license
  • Medical examination certificate – health certificate

More information can be found in the Department of Land Transportation.  

Get an international driver’s license in Germany

How do you get an international driving license in Germany and how much does it cost me? In Germany, you can easily get an international driver’s license issued. For this you only have to go to your office with a new passport photo with your driver’s license, identity card / passport. The preparation of the int. Driving license takes only 10-15 minutes. The int. Driver’s license is only a paper booklet in which your driving licenses are registered and stored in other languages. This driver’s license will cost you e.g. in Bavaria 15 Euro. In the other federal states of Germany there will be no price difference.

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