The best drives in Thailand

What about the drives in Thailand? With which means of transport should one drive best in Thailand?

If you travel to another country, whether on holiday or on business, you should think about the onward journey and the transport suburb. Can you also drive yourself with your driver’s license or are there other requirements, not that you are liable to prosecution and still in jail. All information can be found in my blog entry to the driver’s license in Thailand.


The means of transportation at a glance in Thailand travel blog

What are the cheapest and best ways to travel through the Land of Smiles? Whether in the capital Bangkok or in the other areas, there is the same means of transport. However, the rail network is not very well developed and there are mainly in Bangkok the Sky Train. A new station is currently being built in the country’s capital. Pictures can be found on our Facebook page. The link to it can be found above.

Airport in Bangkok

There are two international airports in the capital of Thailand.

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK)

Suvarnabhumi Flughafen

If you fly to Thailand, you will most likely arrive at BKK airport in Bangkok. From here you can make more international flights. There is also a bus terminal at the airport.

Suvarnabhumi Airport is an international airport in Samut Prakan province. The BKK airport is located approximately 30 km outside the city of Bangkok in an easterly direction and is therefore better suited than the Don Mueang Airport to travel to Pattaya on. Suvarnabhumi Airport opened in 2006 and is a major airport in Bangkok with only one terminal.

  • Don Mueang Airport (DMK)

Don Mueang Flughafen BangkokBangkok’s Don Mueang International Airport is an international airport in the Don Mueang district of Bangkok with two terminals. Don Mueang Airport in Bangkok was opened in 1914. The airport is located in the heart of Bangkok, making it the most accessible for flights from the city center. However, if you want to travel further from the DMK airport to Pattaya you have to spend a little more time because of the increased city traffic.

Drives in Thailand – by boat or by Speedboat

Other good transportation options for trips in Thailand are the ferries in Pattaya

  • Bali Hai Pier

Bali-Hai-Pier-LeuchtturmThe Bali Hai Pier is Pattaya’s boat harbor in the south. The pier is behind the walking street. A pick up ride from Naklua to the pier costs 50Baht per person. You can, however, take the normal pick up for 10Baht. Sometimes, however, a polite Thai passenger, for less, drives directly to the pier.

Ferry to Koh Larn

From Bali Hai Pier there are daily ferries to Koh Larn every hour. The ride costs 30baht per person per way. The ferries depart from 2 ports on Koh larn. Once the Tawaen Beach and the Na Ban Pier.

Taxis in ThailandFirst a few travel tips from our Thailand travel blog. Traveling by taxi in Thailand can be very expensive, because the Thai people also see a good earning potential here. In our Thailand travel blog you will learn all about the trips in Thailand. Often the price for a trip is agreed in advance. You should know that distances up to 10km in the big cities are often overpaid.

From Bangkok to Pattaya

In any case, you should not pay more than 1200baht by taxi from Bangkok to Pattaya. If you want to cover a distance of up to 10km in Pattaya, you should pay no more than 50baht per person. Also for Bangkok I recommend this guideline.

Taxi meters

The Taxi Meter – In Bangkok you will find many taxi vehicles with the sign Taxi Meter. You will recognize a free taxi at the lower left windshield. Stop her with a hand gesture. Avoid waiting taxis at collection points, e.g. in front of sights.

The taxi price

There is a fixed cost table for the distance traveled. These taxis are subject to a basic charge of 35B. Thus, the taxi fee is calculated from the base price of 35Baht (1 €) and the kilometers driven. Furthermore, there may be more toll charges if you take the freeway. For traffic jam and wait mostly 1-2 Baht per minute are charged. As a traffic jam counts here, drive under 6Km / h.

Distance in km
Cost per kilometer

01 to 10 ฿ 5.50
10 to 20 ฿ 6.50
20 to 40 ฿ 7.50
40 to 60 ฿ 8,50
60 to 80 ฿ 9.50
80 to 100 ฿ 10.50

A fare table is usually located in the taximeter taxis. This can then be found in the back seat.

Pattaya bus station 

Bus Station PattayaTravelling by bus in Thailand is very cheap and environmentally friendly. A bus ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai costs for example. in the first class only 550Baht. It takes just a bus ride from Suvarnabhumi Airport to Pattaya or Hua Hin for just 120Baht. From Pattaya, you can get from the bus station to the airport in 2 hours depending on the time of day. The drive to the airport, by bus, from Pattaya to Bangkok costs 240Baht.



Bus stations in Bangkok


In Thailand there are many beautiful bus stations. There are three main stations in Bangkok, from where you can get to any place in Thailand. Buses to the surrounding bus stations also leave from Bangkok Central Station. From Mo Chit in the north you can continue to Pattaya and Chiang Mai. But there are many other bus connections at this huge bus station. Further information about the bus stations – in Bangkok.

  • Mo Chit Bus Station (MORCHIT)
  • Eastern (Ekkamai)
  • Southern (Sai tai guo)

Another bus station is located at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

What is a Songthaew?

Taxis in Thailand

A Songthaew is a pick up truck in Thailand. These often run as buses on certain lines. For most routes you pay only 10baht per person.

In Pattaya they drive for example from Naklua Road to Walking Street via Beach Road. for only 0.25 euros. The distance of up to 10km would be expensive to pay by taxi. Likewise the Songthaew pick up trucks drive in the Soi side streets.

At the Pattayasaisong Road the shared taxis return to Pattaya Naklua. Further itineraries can be covered in White Songthaew on Sukhumvit Road for 20Baht.


A tuk tuk in Thailand is a kind of rickshaw. A three-wheeled, mostly illuminated vehicle. You can rent such Tuk Tuk drivers for one day and drive to the cities and sights in Thailand. For a day trip, I recommend not paying more than 1500baht.

Otherwise, the drivers will take you to any location in the cities. The rides usually start from 50 to 100Baht for short distances up to 3km, because they are private rides. It always depends on the tourist region, as everywhere, supply and demand regulate the price.

Trains for trips in Thailand

Züge in Thailand

Travel by train through Thailand. Inexpensive is also the journey with a train in Thailand. The trains in Thailand are gradually being modernized and the train routes expanded. At present (2019) a new main station is being built in the capital Bangkok. However, if you are traveling on business in Thailand and therefore punctuality matters, you should prefer a taxi.

  • The Hua Lamphong Central Station in Bangkok

At the central station you can travel in every direction of Thailand. Whether to Kanchanaburi, Chiang Mai, Chumphon or by train to Pattaya.

  • Railway station in Pattaya

It is easy to travel to Bangkok from Pattaya Station. At Hua Lamphong Central Station, you can take other trains into the interior of the country.

  • The Chumphon station

If traveling to Koh Tao or Koh Phangan Island, the best way to get to Chumphon is by train. From here the journey continues with a ship or the Lomprayah catamaran to the island. Departure times and prices can be found on the Lomprayah website.

Rent a scooter for drives in Thailand


If you rent a scooter, please take pictures before. Why should you take pictures of the scooter? Well, there are rip-offs claiming that the scratch came from you and want to have a few thousand baht afterwards. If you take pictures before, you are already scared off such people. Do not forget that they want your passport as a guarantee. I gave you my International Driving License. Why did I do that? Because personal identification is too important and more expensive.

Please take a closer look at your driver’s license, because I had the wrong international driver’s license, which is not recognized in Thailand. This can be very expensive in an accident, because the insurance pays nothing if you have virtually driven without a license.

Take a scooter driver

The scooter riders are often faster in traffic. Nevertheless, pay attention to your safety and use a helmet. Mostly you pay for a ride between 40 and 80Baht in Pattaya and Bangkok. but only for short distances up to 3km. For a 5 to 6km drive you get to 140Baht. Compared to the 120km bus ride from bangkok to pattaya, which costs only 120baht, this is expensive.

Can suitcases also be transported?

Yes you can, the suitcase usually costs 20 Baht extra. If you only have a suitcase that is not too big, you can cover short distances with the scooter driver.

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