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Emigrate to Thailand – checklist for emigration

Nach Thailand AuswandernWhat do you need to emigrate to Thailand and what should be considered? After you are here to learn more about emigrating to Thailand, I assume you like the country more / better than your own. Another reason is that you have found your happiness there and now want to take the next step. Our emigration checklist helps you to plan everything properly. I know the Emigrate to Thailand – planning list is kept very short, but if you want to take such a big step, you should not have any problems with the details.

Emigrate to Thailand – applications, finances, etc.

Importantly, it should be well thought out and planned so as not to fail in the new country. For this purpose, many things must be clarified in advance and applications submitted. Not to be neglected is the new national language or fluent English skills to communicate in Thailand. Especially if you still have to earn a living, you should be able to speak English or Thai very well.

Open a bar in Thailand

There are already countless bars in Thailand, which is why it is not easy to win enough customers for the high season. In addition, there are some hurdles to overcome when opening a bar and running a self-employed business. For this you must be able to prove a residence permit (visa and address) and a work permit in advance.

The alternative to the bar is a restaurant, right?

For this purpose too, first of all, administrative procedures are necessary. In addition, you need a good and profitable idea, which also arrives very well with the Thais and brings you permanently black numbers. Surprise people with something outlandish and get publicity on social networks quickly.

What could Thailand do? Or what problems can you solve? That’s the question for a successful business and a monopoly position in a new country. This includes a successful market strategy as well as corporate goals such as vision and mission.

Hotel recommendations in Pattaya

If you do not travel as a backpacker from place to place in Thailand, you are certainly looking for the right hotel. Which hotels can I recommend to you in Pattaya? In the central Pattaya there is the very beautiful but also expensive Hilton Hotel that  Mera Mare Hotel is a little cheaper. The Royal Cruise Hotel is also located in central Pattaya and right on the beach.

Pattaya Naklua Hotels. Much cheaper it is still in Naklua, there is the Lek Villa Hotel with a nice big pool and that Woodlands Resort. In German hands is the slightly more expensive Thai Garden Resort.

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