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Thailand vacation in Erawan National Park & Erawan Waterfalls

Erawan National Park

The Erawan Waterfalls and the Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi is a true dream, a paradise for every Thailand traveler. After we drove back from the reservoir and our hot nights on the houseboat, we looked for a new accommodation opportunity in the national park. Because everything was fully booked directly at the Erawan waterfall, we met the beautifully landscaped residential area, just outside the road. So we decided to rent a few bungalow cottages there. To the Erawan waterfall and the national park, drove every day from there a Songthaew for 20Baht.

Thailand Vacation Tips for a trip to Erawan National Park and the waterfalls. Bring sunscreen and sturdy shoes to work for the visit. The paths in the park and the waterfalls are well developed, but there are natural and rocky climbs that are dangerous with wet sandals. Very important are the bathing suits and that you do not underestimate the sun exposure in the forest.

The Erawan Falls

Hlai Khuen Rung Wasserfall

The Erawan waterfalls are divided over a length of about 2km in seven stages. After 500 meters you will come to the first waterfall, the Hlai khuen Rung. To refresh you can go here already in the shallow and crystal clear water. After another 100 meters you come to a very nice waterfall for bathing and relaxing.

The Wang Macha is a lot deeper and ideal for swimming. At the Wang Macha Waterfall, you can massage your shoulders and neck with the streaming water.


Wang Macha Wasserfall

In order to reach the next, higher waterfalls in the Erawan National Park, you have to hand over some plastic at the gate. You are allowed to bring two water per token with you. After another 100 meters is the Pha Namtok waterfall. At the Oke Nang Peesau waterfall, the fourth, you can safely slip into the water over the stones. 500 meters further on it goes to Buea Mai Long, this waterfall is again very flat.

Another and more beautiful is located at level 6 in the Erawan National Park. Dong Prucksa Waterfall is just 200 meters away from Buea Mai Long Waterfall. It is the penultimate Erawan waterfall and is located about 1750 meters from the entrance. The Phu Pha Erawan is the last step and the beginning of the waterfall which you reach after only 250 meters.

Erawan Nationalpark

Tips for a visit to the Erawan National Park

A backpack for hiking is also an advantage and a camera to capture the breathtaking views and scenery.

  • Solid shoes to walk the loose ways better
  • Bathing suit to swim in the beautiful clear and cool water
  • Pay attention to your valuables when you go swimming

Erawan National Park – cost of the visit

The entrance fee to the Erawan Park is 300 THB (7.50 €) for Farang`s (western foreigner).

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