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Experience Pattaya and its sights. Pattaya was still a small fishing village in the 60s and has become a popular tourist destination over time. Meanwhile, there are beautiful skyscrapers and real estate to buy. The city of Pattaya is growing and growing, which is why it is constantly being rebuilt.

On the markets you can buy a lot of great things, always thinking of action, otherwise you pay too much. You can get 30% without problems, especially at the small stalls and at the night markets you get everything for half the price offered. It also counts as courtesy to trade in Thailand and is still a lot of fun.

Very popular with tourists are the many night markets. Good food, cocktails and a little in the evening, at lower temperatures, go for a stroll.

Why is Pattaya so popular with tourists?

The cheap leisure facilities, great bars and clubs, sexy thaigirls and of course the tropical feeling attract many tourists every year to Pattaya in Thailand. The good and versatile Thai food is a nice thing.

Walking Street is one of the most famous streets when it comes to nightlife in Thailand. In this approximately 1km long street there are a lot of bars, discos and especially strip clubs like the Angeles and Dollhouse. If you are looking for something to eat, you will find in Walking Street small stalls for BBQ and many international eateries as well as doner kiosks. Another good reason for a trip to Thailand are the cheap and relaxing massages. For a 1-hour oil massage you pay around 8 euros with tips depending on the exchange rate.

Have you already heard of the ladyboys or are you wondering what that is?

Especially the nightlife in Pattaya with the many bars and Thai girls is very interesting for tourists. The most famous streets are Walking Street, Beach Road, Pattayasaisong Road, Soi Buakhao and especially the Soi6, Soi7 and Soi8 side streets.

Walking Street, the Soi 6, Soi 7 and Soi 8 side streets between the Beach Road and the Pattayasaisong Road.

Mobiles Internet in Thailand

SIM & prepaid cards for mobile phones

What are the best providers for internet and phone in Thailand? Learn more about the SIM and prepaid cards for your mobile phone. How and where do you get free Wi-Fi?

Einkaufen in Thailand

Shopping & Shopping Center in Pattaya

Where are the best shopping in Thailand? Learn more about the markets and shopping centers in Pattaya, the new mall and more.

Travel Tips for a Pattaya Vacation

For the perfect holiday in Pattaya I have some good travel tips for you! The best, faster means of transportation in the city is with a scooter. However, the drive through the large and busy roads is uncertain, so you should take extra care. For a trip to Pattaya, the land of smiles, the bus is the cheapest alternative to a taxi. In the city itself, the Songhtaew Pick up Trucks, which are shared taxis, drive up and down the streets for 10Baht.

Rent a scooter in Pattaya

Roller-in-ThailandIf you rent a scooter, please take pictures. Why should you take pictures of the scooter? Well, there are rip-offs who have dusted off that the scratch comes from you and then want to have a few thousand baht. If you take pictures before, you are already scared off such people. Do not forget that they want your passport as a guarantee. I gave you my International Driving License. Why did I do that? Because personal identification is too important and more expensive.

Sick in Thailand

In Thailand there are pharmacies as in Germany too. The pharmacies mentioned there have a significant advantage. You get an antibiotic at the pharmacy in Thailand without a prescription. However, you should consult a doctor for a prolonged illness. You should not too often take an antibiotic, this is very important!

Doctor’s visit in Thailand – costs

For a check at the doctor in Thailand leave good money. Dare! It is not only region dependent but also how intense your investigation becomes. You should count on a crib of 4-6000Baht for a check. I recommend you to take out a health insurance for abroad. These KV cost only a few euros a year and secures you for the worst. If you get sick on vacation, always have the bill! This is how you get your money back from your insurance.

Eating in Thailand – Thaifood

Thai dishes are essentially cheaper than German dishes, mostly with rice as a side dish. We love to go to the Thai buffet. Do you know Thai BBQ? Learn more about Thai BBQ.

What does Thai food cost?

A normal Thaigericht costs between 50 and 180 THB, on the other hand German courts start with 140 THB, so one comes with a good lunch mostly with 5 €. Very popular food in Thailand is fried rice with meat or seafood.

The Khao Pad Chicken
There is also Khao Pad (pork or beef)
Or Khao Pad Kung (shrimp)
Som Tam (papaya salad)

Good German food can be found along the Naklua Rd. On both sides of the street. But also along the Beach Road and in the Second Road.

Schnitzel dishes Thailand

In Thailand you will find restaurants for schnitzel dishes in Pattaya and Bangkok. Whether pizza, hunter schnitzel or Wiener schnitzel. There are also cordon bleu and schnitzel in mushroom cream sauce and many more. In Pattaya Naklua, a schnitzel dish with fries costs as a side dish between 4 and 6 euros.

Pizza special and Margerita

At Naklua Road you can get pizza at Domino’s Pizza or at the Italian across the street. As in Germany, the pizzas are all based on tradition or with seafood.

The pizzas cost between 3 euros for a margerita and 7 euros for a great pizza special.

Chicken and grilled chicken

Fancy a half chicken with fries or twisters?

On Naklua Road, at Woodlands Resort, there is the restaurant La Ferne. A specialty of this restaurant is the grilled chicken! You can order half or whole grilled chicken there. As an accompaniment to chicken there are fries or potato salad, but you can also order fried potatoes or boiled potatoes. A large portion of chicken and fries for 160 baht is also available at Windmill Resort on Naklua Road.

Eating doner kebabs in Thailand

Where do you get a kebab in Thailand? Well, there are many stalls for food on the streets in Thailand.

On Phuket is located near the Bangla Road a German doner kebab.

In the walking street in Pattaya you can get a doner kebab on different stalls but also in some pubs and American restaurants. The kebab or doner Dürüm you get from 60 baht but usually it costs 80 baht.

Currywurst with fries

Or are you rather the curry sausage favorite? In Thailand you also get curry sausage with fries. Where is the best curry sausage? In the Naklua 33 alley is the Bazi, here is the curry sausage with fries for 165 baht.

Pork knuckles, veal knuckles and grilled knuckles

Pork knuckle or veal shank with side dish you get in many German and international restaurants in Thailand. At Bazi or in the Traverne, at Anton or at Inn on Naklua Road, you get delicious grilled knuckles to eat. The knuckles with garnish are usually available from 300 Baht.

Burgers, Kfc, Burger King, Mc Donalds

Juicy burgers are also available outside the fast food restaurants like Burger King, Kfc or Mc Donalds. Oz Burgers is well known for its juicy burger. A 150-gram Hamburger menu you get from 130 baht. http://ozburgers.com

There are countless Mc Donalds restaurants and Burger King in the streets of Thailand. These are open around the clock and you have more choice here than in Germany. In the Kfc you get at great prices large menus, great sauces and juicy chicken parts. In addition to the chicken parts, there are also very delicious chicken burgers in the Kfc, such as the Gourmet Burger, Boss Burger or the Zinger Burger.


Experience Pattaya Travel Tips

What sights are there to discover? In my blog I have put together some information for you about the harbor, the Songkran Water Festival and the beaches of Pattaya.

Experience Pattaya – Attractions of Pattaya

  • The Million Years Stone Park


From Naklua to the park the private taxi for the round-trip costs about 500 THB (baht). Entrance fee including the Crocodile Show is 550 THB per person. After visiting the beautiful stones and bonsai trees, you can get Thai food in front of the restaurant for a small fee or try the crocodile dishes in the restaurant. As a memento of this beautiful destination, take pictures and feed the elephants with bananas, with tigers and other animals for 200 THB pictures. For the bananas you pay 50 THB.

You should not miss the crocodile show, an amusing and interesting performance in which the Thai keeps his hand and his head in the mouth of the crocodile.

Times for the performances are every hour from 9 to 11 and from 13 to 17 o’clock. At the beginning of the park you can buy souvenirs as a souvenir for you and your friends or family.

  • Nong Nooch Tropical Garden


The Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Pattaya is a great destination for a day trip. A two square kilometer garden with tropical plants, man-made and real animals as well as attractions and live shows. You can ride elephants through the park there. Costs THB 100 (€ 2.50) per person.

The garden is about 40 minutes and 25km south of Naklua. On the way there you will pass several sights. The Cartoon Network Water Park is just 1km from the entrance on Sukhumvit Road to Topical Garden. Find out more about the park in my travel report.

Entrance fee 500 THB (12,50 €) 2016

  • The Sanctuary of Truth


Entrance fee 500THB (12,50 €) 2016

The Sanctuary of Truth is a wooden temple. Unique and impressive are its countless carved figures. The temple is a unique woodcarving art. You can easily get to the temple by scooter. Simply drive down Naklua 12 Alley until the sign for the temple appears. There, turn right onto the road to the Sanctuary of Truth.

Little hint!

You can only visit the temple over the way from the city and not over the beach, otherwise you stand in front of the wall. Learn more about the temple.

  • Floating Market


At the Floating Market you can book boat tours, take pictures and eat and drink. There are also beautiful souvenirs to buy there.

The Floating Market is located about 15km south of Naklua and can be reached in a few minutes by taxi. However, you can also take a Songthaew for 20Baht on Sukhumvit Road.

Admission costs 200THB (5 €) 2016

Experience Pattaya beaches

  • Wong Ammat Beach

Wong-Ammat-BeachWong Ammat Beach is a small but beautiful beach. Here you can lie under a few trees in the shade on the beach. There are also some rocks for sunbathing on Wong Ammat beach. There is also something to eat and drink in the restaurant on the beach. In addition, occasionally a few sellers come by. These also offer food via accessories.



  • Pattaya Beach

Pattaya-BeachOn the beach in Pattaya on the beach road is drotz of the bad condition very filled. However, by 2018, cleaning will be carried out. There are many speedboats on the beach. There are separate areas of the beach for swimming. On Pattaya Beach you can book countless tours and water sports. To relax, there are many beach chairs on the beach. Again, occasionally sellers pass by.

  • Jomtien Beach

The beach in Jomtien is a bit cleaner than on Beach Road, but you as a tourist should always dispose of your trash. At Jomtien Beach there are also sun loungers to relax on.

  • Note!

Please dispose of your trash and keep the resorts clean. A good reason for this is that the cost of cleaning will affect holiday prices. Thailand gets the money from the tourists and not from the citizens like Germany!

Experience Pattaya islands by boat – Harbor – ferries

  • Bali Hai Pier

Bali-Hai-Pier-LeuchtturmThe Bali Hai Pier is Pattaya’s boat harbor in the south. The pier is behind the walking street. A pick up ride from Naklua to the pier costs 50Baht per person. You can, however, take the normal pick up for 10Baht. Sometimes, however, a polite Thai passenger, for less, drives directly to the pier.

Ferry to Koh Larn

From Bali Hai Pier there are daily ferries to Koh Larn every hour. The ride costs 30baht per person per way. The ferries depart from 2 ports on Koh larn. Once the Tawaen Beach and the Na Ban Pier.

Celebrate Songkran in Thailand


What is Songkran?

Songkran is the Thai New Year and is celebrated with a lot of water. There is open-air music and live shows, as well as fierce celebration in the streets of Thailand, especially in Pattaya and Bangkok. Great water battles and bathing in the outdoor whirlpool are included.

Tuning cars with loud music and bright design are as much a part of it as the dancing Thai women.

When is Songkran celebrated?

Songkran is celebrated every year in April between the 13th and 15th.

So for all, who are on a fun happy fun, should definitely go there. Read my account of my first time Songkran.


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