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Phuket-MapWhy a holiday on the island of Phuket is worthwhile – experience Phuket. The island is a bit more expensive than Bangkok or Pattaya. Due to the many attractions and the beautiful tropical islands, the island is a very popular tourist destination. Which makes the prices for travel destinations, clubs and adventures much more expensive. Phuket is a province in Thailand whose capital and island name is also named.

Phuket Town

The capital of the island and province Phuket. In addition to a few attractions, you will get the cheaper accommodation in the city. By bus you can reach Patong City very comfortably to party in the evening. You will find some nice clubs in Phuket Town, too.

Patong City

If you are looking for nightclubs, bars and table dance clubs, come to Patong. Patong’s Bangla Road has countless bars and clubs. Outside Bangla Road you will find other strip clubs. Patong City is very popular among tourists. You can go swimming on the beach during the day and water sports, while you can party in the evening. Massage salons are here like sand on the sea, where you can relax.

Patong Beach

Patong-BeachOn the beach in Patong you can do water sports, go swimming and relax. On the beach you can rent beach chairs, but you should always take care of your valuables. The beach in Patong is decorated with beautiful figures and palm trees.

Island tours Phuket

Very nice day trips can be easily booked on Phuket. However, you should be careful here because of rip-off. Generally you should remember, where there is a lot of tourism and great sights to visit, some people are quite greedy. The prices for the tours offered can be halved without any problems. You will also notice that the tours are only offered for half the price.

  • Phi Phi Islands
  • James Bond islands
  • Racha islands
  • Similan island group

Learn more about the island tours in my detailed travel reports.

Nightlife on Phuket – Experience Phuket

PhuketWhere can you go to celebrate the best? Are there any bars and night clubs in Phuket Town? Patong City and Bangla Road – Walking Street of Phuket. Find out in my blog.

The airport on Phuket

The island has an international airport. You can fly directly from Germany to the island and you do not have to travel via Bangkok. The abbreviation of the airport is HKT. From the airport you can take a taxi to your hotel.

Stops and bus stations

Traveling by bus is often the cheapest way to get to a destination.

  • Phuket Town


In the city you will find the bus station near Phangnga Road. From there you can drive to Patong for only 50Baht. The bus stops at Prachanukhro Road from Patong. If you walk the road in the direction of the beach you will pass beautiful markets.


  • Bus Station Patong

Patong-Bus-StationThe bus station in Patong is located on Prachanukhro Road. From here, your bus leaves for Phuket Town every hour between 6am and 5pm.

By taxi from the airport to Patong

You want to take a taxi from the airport to Patong, but you do not know how much to pay. Well, for a drive to Patong you have to expect about 500baht. The journey time is around 50 minutes.

To Phuket Town

From the airport to Phuket Town. The ride should not cost more than 400baht. Depending on where you want to go to the city, the journey takes about 40 minutes. The travel time also depends on the travel time and the traffic.

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