First time in Thailand – Thailand travel report – Pattaya

Thailand Travel Report – My first vacation in Thailand!

Thailand Reise Bericht

Hello and welcome to my first time in Thailand trip report.

Today I would like to give you an insight into my first vacation in Thailand and in my Thailand trip report. It all started with the fact that I had not been on vacation for 7 years before and my grandma and your friend had told me about your holiday in Thailand and you wanted to go there again. When I drove past my grandmother after my work and she told me that they plan to go on vacation in Thailand, I decided to go with them.

Since my grandma was 79 years old at the time, it’s also better for someone to take care of her. After we searched in vain for the internet for your old hotel, we decided to book the trip through a travel agency. Thus, I researched on the Internet for hotels near the beach and in the middle of the city.

Errors on trips that you enjoy doing

What we did not know at the time was that the travel agency also offered us a transfer to the airport and to our hotel. Unfortunately, we were unaware, so we agreed, and for the sake of our safety, we paid a lot!

We paid through the travel agency for the transfer per person and each way € 50 for the 120km I thought that was okay. Meanwhile, and after many trips by taxi and the new bus, I know more! The drive from the airport in Bangkok to Pattaya costs 1000Baht by taxi which is about 12.50 € and that, mind you for the journey and not per person. The bus runs the same distance for only 120Baht, this is a good 3 € this time per person, which is still very cheap.

Our journey from Germany to Thailand

It went to Thailand for a month over Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Our younger brother drove us to the airport. We flew with the Thai Airways Nonstop from Frankfurt to Bangkok. Once in the evening there was a plentiful menu on the plane and a great breakfast in the morning. There are coffee and tea depending on your choice.

Alcoholic beverages such as beer, schnapps, whiskey and wine are also available. Of course, during the flight I used the wide range of films and watched some movies. In the Airbus A380, as in many other long-haul aircraft, each seat has its own entertainment system. There you can get up-to-date information about the flight, listen to music, watch movies or watch the flight on the outside camera.

My first day in Thailand – Thailand travel report

When we arrived in Thailand in the early morning, we went with our minivan, in the group, to our hotel in the Naklua Rd. After the check in, we referred already our bungalows, after that we are a piece of the Naklua Rd Beach Rd. Down and looked for a seat in a restaurant. On the way, we immediately had some money change at the existing Money Exchange Stands.

There are also everywhere ATM ATMs where you can withdraw money anytime and anytime. Of course, the arrival was very exhausting for my grandmother, because even I felt the tiredness and the time difference of 6h in the winter and 5h in the summer.

The first experiences on Thai soil

Of course, because I was very excited, I did not want to waste any time and experience as much as possible on the first day. While we have rested with a few cozy beers in the restaurant, even the first street vendors have come to us. Here a young lady had a few beautiful roses to offer. So for 50Baht, for the first time in Thailand, I bought 3 roses, which I then gave to the waitress. And no, the waitress is not my girlfriend.

In the late afternoon we are back in our bungalows to rest a little. In the evening we searched for a cozy German restaurant in the Naklua Rd. To go out for dinner. There are a lot of German kitchens to eat on Naklua Road, and there are several bars to eat in.

First night in Thailand and in the bars of Pattaya

After eating very well, we went from one bar to the next, drank some beers and played pool billiards. In the bars came the same, the very light and sexy clothed, girls to one and want to drink something for you.

So I gave a drink or two. We talked very well and played 4 wins and other games at the bar. When it was around midnight we decided to go back to sleep.

Pattaya nightlife – first time Thailand


My second day in Thailand started with a breakfast buffet in my hotel. There was cereals, juices and coffee, eggs and pasta dishes. Of course, there are rice dishes, sausages and salads with various sauces in every buffet in Thailand.

The first days before Christmas I spent the afternoon in the pool and around my hotel with my grandma and your friend. We went for lunch together and often sat in a bar.

Since I’ve met people on my job, who were already in Pattaya and in Thailand already on the way, I read a few tips. That’s how I was told about the Walkingstreet. During the day we were often at and in our pool and played ball games with other tourists. In the evening we drove for the first time in Thailand with a pick up truck. The pick up trucks are called Songthaew. There are several streets in Pattaya where these Songthaew drive for only 10 Baht per person. You can find a map directly on my website.

Pattaya`s streets for party`s

So we let us drive from the Naklua Rd. Into the Walkingstreet. There are countless bars and clubs, whether gogo bars, strip clubs or normal discotheques. For women who are looking for young and well-toned bodies, there is also the Boys Town. There are really hot shows here, also for homosexuals of course. But more in another video, in which I will report in detail and detail about the shows in Boys Town.

Which films were shot in Thailand?

Many of you probably know the films “Hangover”, a film of which was filmed in Bangkok and Krabi in Thailand, others of you also know the movie “Fuck you Göthe 2” and “the Beach” which were filmed in Thailand as well There are many more films made in the Land of Smiles, and I’m sure many more will follow.

For the first time in the walking street in Pattaya

Arrived in the Walking Street, we ran for the first time in Thailand, the world famous street and looked around first.

Because running is very stressful for my grandmother, we often took a break in the bars to sit down. There I played billiards with the grandpa pool, ate nuts and drank beer. The Tiger beer tastes particularly good, but also the Chang beer.

What’s in this street and why is it so popular?

There are good live music and street dance people in the walking street. Good rock and hip hop bands play in the bars and clubs. For everyone who is hungry, is also taken care of.

In Walking Street there are kebabs, MC Donalds and many seafood and burger places where you can eat. There are German, Thai, Indian and generally international food in major cities and tourist areas in Thailand. You can find more information under Food.

Christmas in Thailand

For Christmas in Thailand on 24.12.2015 we booked with our holiday booking a nice buffet and evening program. In the morning there was a very good breakfast buffet in our hotel.

During the day we relaxed at the hotel pool and went for lunch at Naklua Road. At 5pm we were picked up at the reception desk of our hotel Pattaya Garden and taken to a four star hotel.

There was a very nice and varied buffet of international food. There was a freshly cooked chicken, sushi, pasta, chicken wings, Thai food and many desserts and appetizers.

Entertainment on Christmas Eve

For entertainment a band played happy carols in English. The buffet was coffee, tea and juices. Other drinks such as cocktails, beers, whiskey, wines were available at the bar. We got to each buffet 5 drinks vouchers, with which we could order. Around midnight we called our taxi at the reception, which took us back to our hotel.

In the bars of Pattaya the barmaids can be seen in chic and sexy Christmas outfits at Christmas. The bars are decorated for Christmas and the palms are decorated with Christmas lights.

It will also Christmas music can be heard in the bars and clubs. The shopping centers are very nice to see for Christmas. At the malls like the Hilton Hotel in the Beach Rd. There is a huge Christmas tree at Christmas. The shopping malls in Pattaya are also beautifully decorated and decorated for Christmas.

For the first time on Koh Larn

Koh-Larn-Strand-Karte-Beach-MapWhen we met new people in a few bars, even another employee from my job. Yes, sometimes the world can be so small. We decided together to visit the island of Koh Larn the next day. The island of Koh Larn is located about 8km east of Pattaya. You can reach the island and its more beautiful beaches with clearer water than in Pattaya by speedboat or ferry.

Travel Tips to Koh Larn

The speedboat takes about 10 minutes from Pattaya Beach to one of the stalls, but costs 10 to 15 times more than the ferry. A ferry departs from Bali Hai Pier in southern Pattaya and takes about 40 minutes to Koh Larn. The crossing costs 30 Baht per person. Bali Hai Pier is behind the walking street. If you want to travel from Naklua Rd. To Bali Hai Pier with the Songthaew, the 40Baht will cost you.

The ferry heads for 2 points on Koh Larn Island. Once Koh Larn Na Ban Pier and the Tawaen Beach Pier. There is right on the right side of the pier, a beautiful smaller beach to which it goes over a boardwalk, the Sang Wan Beach. The departure times and more information for the ferry and the transfer on Koh Larn can be found on my website.

Our ferry ride to Koh Larn

So we drove for the first time to Koh Larn by ferry and Na Ban Pier. Once there, many scooter rental companies and other drivers are waiting. Since our girls are very well versed, we went a little way down the street to the left. There is a Songthaew rallying point on the left.

The pick up on Koh Larn

From here we drove to our beach, the Samae Beach for 30Baht per person. On Samae Beach there is a lot of tourism but also great food and a great vantage point. At the beach you can, as we do, rent beach chairs for the day and relax under the umbrella. There are also swimming pools to rent, but these are quite expensive. There are in the residential area and at the pier top shopping possibilities for bathing accessories. It is always important to take action, no matter where you are in Thailand. Action and wrong is desired in Thailand and counts as courtesy also makes it a lot of fun. Should be in Germany everywhere!

Beach holiday and travel tips from my Thailand trip report

Do not forget your sunscreen and sunglasses! You can do water sports on the island of Koh Larn, which you can book locally. Also for snorkeling and diving Koh Larn and the surrounding smaller islands is very suitable. Only on the edge, the Thai Koh means island, which is why this also stands before the name of the island. The island itself is called Larn.

After we had a swim in the clear water, had lunch, we went in the late afternoon to the viewpoint on the right side up to the beach. From there we have thrown the beautiful view over the beach and the sea. Around 4 pm it was back to the pier and back to Pattaya.

How to get back the cheapest.

If you have gone through the walking street and then go right up the street to the next, then on the left side, about 150m inside the Pattaya Saiong Rd. Songthaew. Taxi / Songthaew drivers are also available in the short intermediate road, but here you are asked for private trips directly to your hotel or location. They drive you back to Naklua for 10Baht. If you want to take one back at the pier, you pay around 100Baht per person for a private ride or 300 to 500Baht for four people.

My first New Year’s Eve in Thailand and my first New Year’s Eve in another country

On my first New Year’s Eve or Happy New Year in Thailand, we bought a sparkling wine in the shopping mall in the afternoon.

In the afternoon we relaxed in the hotel pool and in the evening there was a festive New Year’s program in our hotel. Again, we paid more for our travel booking.

Our dinner on New Year’s Eve

There was a very delicious international buffet and I ate crabs for the first time that night. However, we had to pay for the drinks ourselves. So I ordered a Mai Tai, which was served to me on New Year’s Eve in a pineapple. For the transition to the new year there was also a fireworks display at the hotel.

Spectacular fireworks on Pattaya Beach

However, we walked down to the beach and positioned ourselves in the middle of the beach road in the sand. On New Year’s Eve in Pattaya there were a lot of people to meet on the beach. The fireworks on the beach in Pattaya were spectacular. You did not know where to look, so it went off there. Good 15 minutes after 12 o’clock fired at the hotels the rockets in the air. Others left their self-bought fireworks on the beach in the air. We enjoyed the happy new year 2016 among many people as a couple.

Islands around Pattaya – first time Thailand

My first day trip to Koh Samet in Thailand


In the hotel you can book tours and excursions through various tour operators. I would like to prevent you from booking there. More on that later!

So I also looked at the offers of my tour operator in the hotel and decided to visit one of the visit times again. But you can also drive in their office, the address can be found on the travel and tours folder.

Excursion offers in the hotel

I liked the day trip to Koh Samet so I booked the day trip to Koh Samet including transfer, food, and German speaking guide for the same week. I paid 3200Baht for 2Personen.

In the early morning we were picked up around 8 o’clock, after our breakfast, in the hotel at the reception. For the drive to Sri Ban Phe Pier about 1 hour from Pattaya Naklua, we had a minivan. The disadvantage of such trips is that you always have to wait in a fully occupied minibus on the way back for a very long time until you get back to the hotel. If you are picked up at the hotel and brought back first, you do not have to wait long.

So our adventure journey started

After all were on board, we drove to the pier in the direction of Rayong. From the pier there are two ways to reach the island Koh Samet. On the one hand with the normal and slower ferry and on the other with a speedboat. In our offer was only the ferry and for a crossing with the speedboat I would have to pay 150Baht per person again. When I booked I asked again, because I wanted to go by speedboat. Please make sure when booking that such things are listed on your account.

Very important, attention travel

Just a tip for you: Please make a picture of your booking and the bill as proof with your mobile phone, because you will take the slip on some tours. Be it just for registration on the pier or for crooked things.

You can also book a private taxi to the pier, from Sri Ban Phe Pier the ferry will take you to 6 different piers on Koh Samet. So you can also book an accommodation or a hotel for several days on Koh Samet and really enjoy the time. In addition, the transfer costs only 400-500baht from Pattaya to Koh Samet including ferry.

Finally arrived at the pier in Rayong

After we arrived at the pier it was pretty fast to our ferry. The crossing from Sri Ban Phe Pier to Koh Samet to Nadan Pier lasted 35 minutes, during the drive we did a little video like in Titanic from Boots Bug.

Then we went with a pick up truck to Haad Sakaew beach. Here we walked a few shops in small streets to the booth. There we stayed all day for swimming and eating, before it went back.

Beach walk on Koh Samed

I went for a walk on the beach and took a look at the area. I ran to the nearest beach and took some pictures of the mermaid statue. For lunch there was a plentiful and very good buffet. On Koh Samet, you can buy bathing suits and other bathing suits like swimming rings and sunglasses. At the beach you can get massages from the passing salesmen, buy ice cream or food. On the beach on Koh Samet are also bars where you can drink cocktails and beers.

Thailand Travel Report – Infos about Samet Island

The island of Koh Samet is ideal for a family vacation far away from the red light district for a holiday of enchanting stalls with crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches. You can rent scooters on Koh Samet and explore the island, rent accommodation there for several days or weeks. The surrounding islands on Koh Samet are ideal for day trips for snorkelling and diving.

Water sports activities you can book at the beach stalls. On the beaches you can relax on the beach chairs under the umbrellas or take a walk on the beach.

After we were back at our hotel at 17.30 o’clock in the evening, we had to rest by the exhausting day tour.

Day trip to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and Floating Market in Pattaya

A few days later we found some good travel deals with a taxi driver. Well, even in Thailand some taxi drivers offer their services and drive to sights, zoos and shows. However, you still have to pay for the entrance yourself, so that you can get away cheaper than through a travel agency.

Book and experience your own travel

So we booked our private driver for 1000Baht the day and let us drive to the Nong still Tropical Garden in Pattaya and afterwards to the Floating Market on the way home. Our taxi driver picked us up at our hotel the next morning and drove us to the park of Pattaya 20 minutes away.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Pattaya


is a huge garden, with artificial but also real animals. The garden is about 2 square kilometers large, contains several ponds, a French Garden, a replica of Stone Henge, a Palm Garden, Italian Garden and many other attractions.

This Nong Noch Tropical Garden hosts a Thai cultural performance and an elephant show. The performances are included in the entrance fee of 500Baht. In the park there is a museum and a viewing platform, there is a tree with walls.

After we took a look around the entrance and took pictures, we went to the Thai show. Here was a very nice performance, in which there were not only cultural dance performances and Thaiboxen to see. You still have the opportunity to make a picture in the Thai outfit, but it costs extra.

Thailand trip report – tip for the park visit

If you do not want to walk completely through the park, you can ride an elephant through the gardens for 100Baht or ride one of the passenger buses.

If you get hungry there, you can go for a meal in the restaurant. Around 13 o’clock we went to the restaurant to eat and after dinner we sat down to eat. The restaurant serves Thai cuisine as well as international food.

The Pattaya Floating Market


Afterwards we drove on our way home to the Floating Market.

Since we still had time and the Floating Market in Pattaya is on the way back from Nong Noch Tropical Garden Pattaya.

As farang, a so-called Western foreigner among Thais, Thailand often pays 10 times the admission fee to national parks and other attractions in Thailand. So the normal entry into the floating market for me cost 200Baht. For my Thai girlfriend the entrance was free.

Programs through the floating market

There are various programs offered at the ticket counter for up to 3000Baht. For example, you will be driven through the market by canoe, get a meal and pictures for it. We opted for normal admission and visited the Floating Market in Pattaya.

Through the floating market it goes over wooden bridges and wooden bridges at the innumerable stands for souvenirs. Here you can take a souvenir for your family or relatives. We looked around in peace at the floating market, bought some items and ate a nice warm and refreshing soup there.

Visit the temple of The Sanctuary of Truth at Pattaya Naklua


A few days ago I walked with my girlfriend from Wongamat Beach to the temple The Sanctuary of Truth along the beach. However, when we got there, we could not visit the temple to see him, because we were standing in front of a wall or was it still about 100 meters away. So we turned around again and searched for a way back through the city.

The path along the beach is about 3km or more to the temple, on the way you have to overcome a few rocks and obstacles along the sea. After we got back to the hotel and were quite exhausted, we decided to go by scooter another day.

The path to the wood temple on Naklua Road

Because we found the way through the city on the way to the fish market Lan Po. On Naklua Road, a thin road, coming out of the roundabout on the left, leads to The Sanctuary of Truth. Continue along Naklua 12 Alley for approximately 1km until you come to the right side of the temple.

Entrance fee and clothing regulations

The ticket for the visit costs 500Baht. Women have to wear certain clothes there, they can borrow them there. From the top you have a great opportunity to get the temple completely in your photo. Afterwards, a nice staircase leads down to the temple.

The Sanctuary of Truth Temple

consists mainly of carved wooden figures. It is actually a must to visit this stunning and impressive work of art.

Since renovations have taken place for our visit, we still got a helmet. First, we looked at the outer beauty of the temple and its surroundings, took a look over the wall into the sea and then went inside. We could see in the temple The Sanctuary of Truth, the renovations and the carving. There was also a Thai show with sword fighting at the temple, which we looked at after visiting the temple from the inside. At the pond is a restaurant, where I ate ice cream and bought me something to drink.

Cost of day trips in Thailand

What did it cost?

All in all, my first trip to Koh Samet cost me 3200Baht with my girlfriend, which is about € 84.

The day trip to Nong Noch Tropical Graden Pattaya and the Floating Market cost us two 2400baht, which is about € 63.

The half-day trip to The Sanctuary of Truth cost us two 1200Baht, which is about $ 32.

  • Koh Samet 1600Baht per person
  • The Sanctuary of Truth 500Baht each + food and drinks
  • Nong Still Tropical Garden Admission 500Baht + 200Baht for Thais
  • Private driver for a day 1000Baht
  • Floating Market in Pattaya Entry 200Baht easy, extras up to 3000Baht

First time Thailand, excursions and adventures

Day trip to Wat Phra Yai the Buddha Mountain of Pattaya

Buddha Mountain Pattaya

For today we planned to visit the Buddha Mountain of Pattaya. So we made our way and ran up to Naklua Road. From Naklua Road we took a Songthaew to the walking street. Then we ran up the street and went there in one or the other shop on the street.

In a bookstore my friend bought a dictionary to learn the German language. I took a few postcards and a book about the Thai culture in English in the bookstore. After we ran the road in the wrong direction for a long time and quite a bit, we asked several times for the way and so slowly in the hot weather, the running was noticeable.

The goal in sight

After we made a detour of about 4km on foot, we finally came to the bottom of the hill.

The road winds along the hill in beautiful curves, while next to it, in the beautifully landscaped garden, there are stairs. We climbed the stairs to Wat Phra Yai. For your information, the Thai word for temple is Wat. Thus, the temple on the Buddha Mountain in Pattaya is called Phra Yai.

Once on the mountain, another staircase, with serpent heads on the sides, leads up to the temple. From the top you have an excellent view to the sea over Jomtien and on the island Koh Larn. Through the trees you also get a good view over the city of Pattaya and the mountains in the background. On the mountain we looked at the Buddha statue, took pictures and videos and watched the sunset.

Our return trip was another adventure

However, before the sun disappeared, we decided to make our way back and descended the Buddha Mountain of Pattaya, with some nice memories in our luggage, down the stairs. In between, we got on the way to the 7eleven a few refreshing drinks and something to eat. After struggling back to Walking Street from Wat Phra Yai, the Buddha Temple of Pattaya, we took the Songthaew back to our hotel on Pattaya Saiong Road.

Pattaya’s shopping malls, waxworks, game centers, cinema and bowling alleys

Again and again I go through the shopping malls in Thailand to look around. In Pattaya Central there are 4 large and well-known shopping centers. The Central Festival below the Hilton Hotel between Soi9 and Soi10 on the Beach Road.

Thailand Travel Report – The Mike Shopping Center

is also located on the Beach Road between the Soi11 and Soi12. A little further back towards Walking Street is the well-known Royal Garden Plaza, this shopping center is known for its outstanding aircraft in the direction of Pattayasaisong Road. A new shopping center in Central Pattaya is currently under construction, MC Donalds has already moved in. Now let me tell you a little more about the shopping centers in Pattaya Central. In another travel report you will learn even more about the Tesco Lotus and the Big C.

Pattaya Central Festival


is one of my favorites when I go shopping in Pattaya. Coming from the Beach Road, it goes on several levels in the shopping center. At the bottom there are MC Donalds, KFC and Burger King, as well as other dining options.

There are plenty of jewelry retailers on the lower floors of the Pattaya Central Festival. A beautiful stone water landscape with plants beautifies the exit to Pattayasaisong Road, you can of course also get into the shopping center there. Pattaya Central Festival has several electronics stores and fashion shops.

Pattaya Centralfestival

You can eat further up in the shopping center. There are again chic places to eat and drink such. the running sushi or juicy plug restaurants with live cooking on the upper floors of the mall.

On the penultimate floor, there is a pure games paradise for children, adolescents and adults. From simulators to game consoles to the popular stuffed animal machines for fishing. On the top floor of the Pattaya Central Festival is a cinema and a bowling alley.

Prepaid card for mobile phones

In the Pattaya Central Festival, I’ve already shopped a lot, including getting my cell phone prepaid card there in the True Move Shop. This store is located in the perfume compartment just to the left at the entrance of Pattaya Saiong Road. In the afternoon, several stalls will be set up on the square in front of this shopping center. As on the front of the shopping center, there is also a cocktail bar with music.

News about the Mike Shopping Mall

is currently undergoing renovation (2018). The Mike Shopping Mall is on Beach Road, past a Hulk;). Also here you will find a MC Donalds and in the same level several fashion sellers with open stands. At the stands there are a lot of German brand products that are fake, but also good and cheap clothes to buy.

Entrance on Second Road

The rear exit is currently closed for renovations. In the upper floors, there are only a few shops to buy fashion or accessories. On the upper floor there is a restaurant where you can buy dishes at a variety of international stalls. There is also the Starbucks coffee next to it. The Mike Shopping Mall used to be one of my favorites as well, I hope that will be the same again after the renovation.

First time Thailand  – Royal Garden Plaza

A special experience is the visit to the Royal Garden Plaza shopping center. In the Royal Garden shopping center there are many and good simulators to watch movies, the wax museum, creepy ghostpupes, other wax figures such as. Mr. Bean distributed on the floor. Downstairs, as in all other shopping malls, there is fashion and food as well as jewelry to buy.

Cheap and good brand clothes

Especially if you are looking for good and cheap fashion, you will find it in the Royal Garden Plaza. On the top floor of the mall you can see the outstanding plane from the inside. Let yourself be surprised what I still see and visit the Royal Garden Plaza shopping mall in Pattaya.

Unfortunately there is not much to report about the new shopping center at Soi3 on the Beach Road in Pattaya. The mall is still under construction, but should be ready soon. But you can come in MC Donalds there. I like the mall already by its external design. At Songkran in 2016 there was a live band and a foam party and I was right in the middle. I am already looking forward to my first stroll in this shopping center.

Fish Market Naklua Lan Po and Lan Po weekend night market

Naklua Fischmarkt Lan Po

I like to go with my girlfriend to the Naklua fish market Lan Po, which is located at the end of Naklua Road. There you can buy fresh fish and plenty of marine life.

At the fish market Lan Po there is a beautiful meadow to relax and to eat and several barbecue stalls. Here you can have your freshly bought food barbecue. For 1kg you pay at the barbecue stand 30Baht. Sauces, drinks and side dishes are also available on the market. A deck area is available at the fish market or on the meadow for 20Baht to borrow.

Thailand Travel Report – More travel tips

You can, however, bring your own blanket. At the street corner, before you come left to the fish market Lan Po, there is a 7eleven on the right side. At 7eleven, we occasionally buy a Maggi soy sauce and plastic cutlery for dinner. However, we always use the packaging from the barbecue to protect the environment.

Now and then dogs come over to eat and want something from your food. But you do not need to be afraid of the dogs in Thailand, you do something to them. Mostly we buy crabs, shrimp, fish, octopus and clams in the fish market Lan Po, my girlfriend always buys a very spicy chili sauce and so green herbs. At the meadow are garbage pails, where you please your leftovers or your waste disposed of.

Naklua night market at the fish market

Lan Po NachtmarktIn December usually takes place on a weekend to 16.12. the night market is held at the Lan Po fish market. For this purpose, the road behind the fish market, is closed for the night market in the morning and built the stands. There are loads of delicacies, shows and lots of people at this night market. Definitely worth a look at the night market at the Lan Po fish market and taste its delicacies. There are sweet, delicious and beautifully decorated cakes, sushi, donuts, chicken wings, insects, fish, cocktails as well as beers and freshly squeezed fruit drinks. Who might have more information for the night market at the Lan Po fish market, who can write this in the comments.

My first time in Thailand –  Travel Report – Night Markets in Pattaya

Schweine Bauch Braten Pattaya-Night-BazaarWhat is special in Thailand are the night markets. There are several night markets in Pattaya. Central Pattaya has the well-known Pattaya Night Bazar on Pattayasaisong Road between Soi9 and Soi10 behind Pattaya Central Festival. Through the covered night market, several stalls lined up. Here you get almost everything, like Trunks, souvenirs, food, fun toys, lighters, candles, bags, lamps and much more.

Cost of day trips

Overall, the trip to Wat Phra Yai cost me the Buddha Mountain of Pattaya with my friend 800Baht, which is about 22 €.

  • Songthaew to Walkingstreet 10Baht + return way
  • Thai culture book in English 500Baht
  • Drinks and food
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