From Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus or train

Our Thailand round trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

Today we made our suitcase for the trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. For lunch we cooked only rice and ate some fried eggs. I have already loaded my travel equipment, my cell phones, the power bank and the Gopro batteries for the trip to Chiang Mai. Afterwards we have some sweets, something to nibble and drinks bought on the way. In the afternoon at 16:20 o’clock we have a scooter driver to the bus station in Pattaya Naklua, for each 40THB and once 20THB for the suitcase, bring.

At 17.10 o’clock then went our bus in 2Kl. From Pattaya Bus Station to Bangkok to Mo Chit Bus Station. The trip took about 2.5 hours. At Mo Chit bus station arrived, we went first to visit the toilet. After the toilet, we asked ourselves to the right ticket counter. So as a little tip for bus travelers in Thailand, it is recommended to take a roll of toilet paper. Because there are usually no toilet paper on the service areas in Thailand but only the famous toilet with the water to nachschütten.

Small travel tips

Information at Mo Chit Bus Station is also signposted. At the ticket counter, it was good to have my Thai girlfriend, because the woman at the counter could not speak English. You can, however, interpret on the screen or on the board where you want to go. Because we had some time left, we went to the Mo Chit bus station in Bangkok for some food. However, I only got myself a waffle, it was with different flavors varieties.

Our bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai left at station 14 at 9pm. The 1KL. Ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai only cost 569THB per person. The bus driver told us before the ride water, juice. A blanket and biscuits out. The trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus was nevertheless very long and exhausting.

The bus stopped every 2 hours at a rest stop. There we covered up a bit with food again for the ride and briefly represented our legs. On board the bus we also had a toilet and toilet paper. Since the buses are cooled very far down, a long pants is recommended.

In some 1Kl. Buses are available at every seat also an entertainment system for entertainment. The seat in 1Kl. had a lot of legroom and you could put it far back. There was also a foot rest for folding up. At night, I still came to 4-5 hours of sleep and the ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai took an amazing 10 hours. So we arrived at 7am in the morning at the bus station in Chiang Mai.

Arrival and first day in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai arrived at the bus station, taxi drivers were already waiting to drive us to a hotel. I researched the internet for a few hotels near the city to visit temples and to celebrate in Chiang Mai. So we moved to the slightly outlying Baan Thai Resort, which was also in the direction of the airport in Chiang Mai.

For the 4km track, I paid the Songthaew driver 150Baht. A room with a jacuzzi was supposed to be the night for 1380Baht, but over Christmas in Chiang Mai was pretty much booked. When you only had one room for the next three days, at the same price and without breakfast, we decided to take a look at it. The room with balcony was very old and come down, the bathroom / shower was not clean and there was no hot tub, also the room had a tube screen.

We decided not to stay there and moved on. On our onward journey we also saw a couple who left the hotel. Afterwards we went to the city with the other couple for 30THB and talked a bit and went to the hotel search in Chiang Mai together.

Looking for a hotel in Chiang Mai

Because the first one was bad, we called Grand WIPANAN Hotel in Chiang Mai and asked if a room for our period would be free. We were lucky enough to get a double room for our stay in Chiang Mai this morning. The room is a lot better and only costs 1450baht with breakfast buffet. There is an indoor pool, Hotel Grand WIPANAN has clean and huge, luxurious rooms.

After checking in, we went to sleep a little, as we woke up, we took a nice hot shower and made ready to go out. Opposite the main street Chang Puak Road is also the Thanin market, where we took half a chicken for 75Baht.

Small city tour in the evening

On Chang Puak Road, the red Songthaew Pick up Trucks run for 30Baht. With one of these Songthaew we drove down to Loi Kroh Road on Chang Puak Road. Loi Kroh Road is next to hotels, with bars on either side of the street. We ran from Chanyaphan Road, Loi Kroh Road to McDonalds.

The McDonalds is just to the right at the intersection with Changklan Road. In Changklan Road is the Klaan Night Bazar. On both sides of the Changklan Road countless stalls with a variety of things draw. The Hardrock Café is also located at the intersection. From the many sleeping, running around, we were quite tired, so we went to the McDonalds for a coffee and a bite to eat.

To get around in Chiang Mai there are tuk tuk drivers waiting in the streets, but you can also rent a car in Chiang Mai. Because I like to drive with the illuminated Tuk Tuk, we were driven back from one to our hotel. But you can also drive back to your hotel on the city ring with the Songthaew for 30Baht. In our room, we then went to a relaxed evening on the TV.


Ochsenkutschenfahrt in Chiang Mai

Ox carriage ride, bamboo rafting in Chiang Mai

A very nice destination in Chiang Mai is the Namtok Mae Sa waterfall. In our travel report you will learn more about the great day trips. These include the bamboo float ride and the Ochsenkutschenfahrt, but also the visit of the Langhalsdorfes.

Tempel Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep

Doi Suthep mountain

A very nice day trip is on the mountain Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. There are beautiful waterfalls and temples to discover. Find out more in our travel report.

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