German schools in Thailand

Deutsche Schulen in Thailand
Deutsche Schulen in Thailand

German schools in Thailand – German educational institutions

You certainly know the movie “Fuck You Goethe 2” by a German school supports the development and education in Thailand. But what is it? Are there really German schools in Thailand? Yes there is.

Learn German in the north of Thailand

There is such a school in Chiang Mai. At this school children and adolescents can even reach the Abitur. The Christian German School in Chiang Mai in short CDSC is a school facility in the north of Thailand to learn the German language. Another German school in Thailand is located in Bangkok. Welcome to the CDSC.

In Germany to study – Bangkok School

According to Swiss curricula, German-speaking children at the Swiss School Bangkok can obtain their access to study after 12 years of schooling in Germany. In addition, through integrated Thuringian curricula, up to the 10th grade, a secondary school and a secondary school diploma can be acquired at this school. Now welcome to the RIS Swiss Section.

The Goethe Institute in Bangkok – certificates

Another school facility to learn German in Thailand is the Goethe Institut. Here you can u.a. acquire German-language certificates in Thailand. For example, a German-language certificate requires your Thai girlfriend to marry in Germany. Certificates for studying at German schools can also be obtained here. These certificates are internationally valid. For further information, which certificates are available, registration and prices can be found on the homepage of the Goethe Institut.

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