Health insurance for world travel

Krankenversicherung für Weltreisen
Krankenversicherung für Weltreisen

Health insurance for world travel

Why you should take out an international insurance (AHI) and what benefits you will get.

You need a health insurance for the foreign country if you want to freeze as a German citizen outside the EU. This insurance is not a must but protects you from high costs, so health insurance is very important for world travel! In Germany and in the European Union (EU) you can use your health card to get a doctor’s treatment. These costs will be i.d.R. taken over by your insurance. Outside the EU, such as a holiday in Thailand, you can not use this service. For this you need an AHI, which covers you for worldwide travel.

Why you should complete an AHI!

Especially as a self-driving on Thailand’s roads, it can quickly lead to accidents. Even if you do not pay attention and walk across the street. Something like that happened quickly. In an accident, you usually do not go out with a doctor’s visit, these costs pile up. With a foreign insurance you have to advance the money for treatment, but you get it back.

What does an AHI cost and where can I get it?

A foreign health insurance you get from your insurance company or many other providers. A good health insurance for foreign countries is the ERV. The AHI do not cost much. Mostly it is the case that under 65 years only 10-12 euros per year. Who over 65 years, pays for the same performance about 50-70 €.

What do you have to consider?

Very important when visiting a doctor abroad, a hospital stay or something similar is that you get bills. Please keep these bills in mind. Without invoice documents of the doctor’s visit, you will not get any money back from the health insurance.

An overview of the benefits of a foreign health insurance

  • Money back for treatments, remedy, hospitalization
  • Transportation costs, ambulance, plane, expensive examinations
  • Holiday reimbursement
  • Flight and travel expenses
  • Additional insurance reimbursement
  • Cancellation costs Refund with additional insurance
  • Cancellation and interruption of travel
  • Reimbursement with additional insurance
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