House in Thailand – Living in a Thailand house

Living on a Thailand tour in a house in Thailand

Haus in Thailand

Since I live with my girlfriend in Thailand, everything is a little different than in a hotel. If you are renting an apartment or a house in Thailand for a long vacation or a nice big villa with pool for several months, you have to cater for yourself.

In the morning I went to the mini lotus next door to buy water, breakfast and coffee. Then we planned our trips and decided to go shopping in Central Festival. The Central Festival is a large shopping center in the center of Pattaya. It is located below the Hilton Hotel between Soi 8 and Soi 9 on Pattaya Beach. There were 5 T-shirts for the price of 4 (one each 290Baht), so I’ve bought 5 new T-shirts. In the true move mobile phone shop there was a new prepaid card for 49Baht and unrestricted internet for 30days to 320Baht).

The Naklua Road can be down to the Walkingstreet in Pickup Truck for 10Baht per person per ride. In the afternoon we drove to Naklua fish market Lan Po for lunch. At the fish market, you can buy fresh fish, crabs, shrimp, etc. and grill for 40baht / kg suburb. The kg of crab was available today for 400Baht (10.50 €) and the fish for 120 baht. On the lawn there you can really enjoy the hot and freshly grilled food.

For 20Baht you get a seat mat borrowed. Beverages, sauces and salads are also available there. In the 7-Eleven opposite the street on the corner I bought a soy sauce from Maggi. For the next day we bought a few crabs for the home.

Khao Pad

Cooking wants to be learned

The cheapest way to get out of Thailand is to cook your own food. That's the way it is in Germany too. For the delicious Thai food I have written you a little report.


Shopping at the markets

If you live in Thailand, you also learn the customs of the Thai people and go shopping in the markets. In Pattaya you will find great night markets with fresh fruits, meat and vegetables. But you get everything else for normal home use.

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