James Bond Rock – Day Trip & Caves Sightseeing

Day Tour to the James Bond Rock – Thailand sights

James Bond Felsen - Tages Tour

Why you should do the James Bond Rock Tour? If you book the same tour as we near the bus station in Phuket Town. Our day’s journey starts in the early morning between 7 o’clock and 8.30 o’clock. A pick-up service at your accommodation will take you to Ao Por Pier.

The boat (ferry) is equipped with a music system for party mood, cooler for drinks, a toilet and of course fruit. Everything in the price inclusive. The big advantage of traveling by boat rather than by speedboat is that there are toilets on board. Whoever does not like it so bumpy and fast, for the a normal boat is recommended.

Our first stop at the caves in the mangrove forests

Mangroven Höhlen Tour

The first drive takes about 45 minutes. to Canoeing Point Panak Island. There you visit the caves in the rocks and drive in the canoes (dinghies) through the mangrove forest. In the narrow inflatable boats fit two tourists and a Thai driver, who drives you through the breathtaking and unimaginable caves. The rocks eroded by the water take on different forms, i.a. those of a hanging penis, an elephant’s head and even a duck.

However, in Ao Phang-nga National Park you should not go swimming in the water because there are jellyfish there. However, there are a few places to swim, in such a place, we also stopped. After the first stop and the canoe trip we went to the famous James Bond Rock. Here we switched to a smaller long boat that took us to the island.

The famous James Bond Rock

James Bond FelsenOn the island we visited the KHAO PHING-KAN caves and took pictures of the James Bond Rock located in the AO PHANG-NGA National Park. On the island you can visit a few more caves and walk over a path to a stretch of beach. The path is to the right on the James Bond Feslen sign. After a one-hour stay and running, we slowly got hungry, so we went with our boat to a larger, with kitchen on board, this us then handed over our food.



What was there to eat on our day trip?

Essensübergabe bei BootstourThe boats to ride so close to each other is skillful exercise thing! The dock took about 10 minutes. Then our food, well packed on trays, was handed over. There were onion rings, chicken thighs, rice and vegetables and curry to eat. After the lavish lunch we continued to our second canoe trip on Hong Island. In the big dark cave we drove with head lights and hand lamps to see something.


Hong Island Caves Tour

Höhlen Besichtigung - Phuket TourenThe entry into the canoes took place at the end of the boat and on the lower floor. The jellyfish poisonous in the water made me somewhat afraid to get into the canoe. Thousands of bats were found on the ceiling of the cave, a slightly musty smell rose in the nose and we looked in amazement at the inner walls of the caves. Of course, the phone and the camera were not missing to document this unique incredible experience. The ride through the very large cave took about 20 minutes. So that we could see something, our canoeists took headlamps with them. Towards the end of the cave the ceiling came closer and closer until we could touch it.

Stop for a swim in the slightly murky water

Schwimmen im Quallen freiem Wasser

After this hot and exhausting day, there should be no cooling off in the water, so we then drove to a suitable place to swim and relax on Lawa Island.

At our stop to swim, we were able to jump from our boat into the water (3m). unfortunately it went back to the pier after half an hour. Arriving at the pier, our taxis took us to our hotels, where after dinner we went for a 1 hour oil massage in a salon in Phuket Town.

On the Speed Boat Tour, have lunch at a restaurant on Panyee Island and swim and relax at Naka Island.

My conclusion to the James Bond rock day trip

James Bond Inseln und Märkte

The day trip was very nice and will be one of my best memories of Thailand. For around 40Euro for the food and the day trip, including the service to and from the hotel, the day trip was a cheap trip. You can buy souvenirs at the stalls by the rocks. There are many beautiful and large shells, but these are much too expensive. Even after hard negotiation, I believe you will get the same cheaper.

Write to me in the comments about your experiences and what you think of the trip.

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