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Kanchanaburi Holiday – houseboats – waterfalls – Information

Kanchanaburi holiday. Why you should travel to Kanchanaburi! Kanchanaburi is a city in western Thailand about 140km from Bangkok. It is especially known for the Death Railway. This railway crosses the River Kwai, which runs through the city. The bus station is located in the middle of the city. There are also other bus stations at the national parks. For example, the bus station Nam Tok. Opposite (100m as the crow flies) is also the train station of Nam Tok.

The four beautiful national parks for a holiday in Kanchanaburi

  • Erawan National Park
  • Sai Yok National Park
  • Chaloem Rattanakosin National Park
  • Khao Laem National Park

Sights for Kanchanaburi holiday

The JJ night market

At the train station and the opposite cemetery is the JJ night market. There you can buy a lot of Thai specialties through fashion. The night market is also Kanchanaburi Plaza.

West Wonder Waterpark

The water park is located just minutes from the train station, on the other side of the river. If you are looking for a refreshing dip on hot days in Thailand, then you are in the right place in the water park. There are lots of fun slides as well as swimming and swimming. Also check out the Facebook page of the water park.

Kanchanaburi Reisebericht

Houseboats - Reservoir - Adventure

If you travel to Kanchanaburi in Thailand, you should spend an overnight stay in the houseboats on the reservoir. Learn more about our adventure in our travelogue.

Busfahrt-nach-Kanchanaburi - Reise nach Kanchanaburi

Travel to Kanchanaburi - by bus

How do you actually get from Pattaya to Kanchanaburi? What should you pay attention to and which travel options are there? We will give you an insight into our journey by bus to Kanchanaburi and what you should pay attention to.

Wang Macha Wasserfall

Erawan National Park & Waterfalls

A destination in Kanchanaburi for the whole family to swim and hike is the Erawan Falls in the Erawan National Park. Learn more about our day trip to the waterfalls.

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