Koh Chang scooter tour – Koh Chang waterfalls – island sightseeing

Sightseeing tour by scooter on Koh Chang – Koh Chang waterfalls

Der-Koh-Chang-NationalparkScooter tour on Koh Chang. For our sightseeing tour on Koh Chang this morning we rented a scooter for 250Baht, we have again filled up for 100Baht. All lenders would like to have your ID card or your passport as a pledge. I advise you not to give your passport, because this is your identity. I gave you the cheap international driver’s license, which you need at a check, but there you usually pay a tip. So we drove towards Ao Sapparot Pier on the beautiful winding roads and the mountain to the next waterfall on Koh Chang. You can book beautiful hikes and sightseeing tours on Koh Chang, which will take you across the jungle and the beautiful remote waterfalls of Koh Chang.

The Koh Chang National Park

For the visit of the national park and the waterfalls one unfortunately pays 200Baht as a foreigner in Thailand. When we arrived at our first waterfall on the Klong Nonsi on Koh Chang with the scooters, we met only a few isolated visitors. The Klong Nonsi Waterfall on Koh Chang is located behind the Khao Chom Prasat 1 mountain at 661m above sea level and near the Dan Mai pier. The Klong Nonsi waterfall is not spectacular, but it’s fine for a short stay at the beginning.

After visiting the waterfall we drove back on the road and drove towards Salak Khok Bay. Halfway and near the Than Mayom pier, we drove to the Than Mayom waterfall, which is on the right side of the road.

The Than Mayom waterfall on Koh Chang

Than-Mayom-WasserfallAt the ticket counter for the Than Mayom waterfall, we bought our tickets to visit the Than Mayom waterfall. At Than Mayom Waterfall you can go for a swim and climb over the rocks to the next higher waterfall. On the way to the Than Mayom waterfall on Koh Chang, it goes over the river course with the help of taut ropes on the rocks. A trip to this waterfall is very worthwhile! Before we drove to the top of Koh Chang Island, we took the road straight to Salak Phet Bay.


Food during the Koh Chang scooter tour

Saengsawang-HomestayBecause it was already lunchtime and we got hungry, we drove to the Saengsawang Homestay, located at the mangrove area and at the end of the road. After our lunch at the Saengsawang Homestay and the tables and chairs made of bamboo poles, we set off on the onward journey.



The Long Beach of Koh Chang

At the junction we drove right towards Long Beach. On Long Beach there is an old sunken shipwreck, to which you can book dive trips. Long Beach can be reached by turning left onto the mountain. Where the sign Long Beach Resort stands. The scooter tour on the winding and mountainous roads of Koh Chang is a lot of fun. On the way to Long Beach, you will arrive at a very beautiful vantage point from where you can enjoy breathtaking views. The approximately 10km long stretch for a few minutes with the scooter on the beautiful hilly landscape of the island.

What to look for in a Koh Chang scooter tour?


There are also monkeys on the roadside and on the power lines on Koh Chang. Some street pieces u.a. to Long Beach are undermined and broken, so you should be very careful before driving and not too fast. There are currently also construction works on the roads.

At Long Beach there is a 1km long and natural beach beyond the restaurant and the old bungalows. In the secluded bungalows there is no electricity. After the visit we made our way back to the other part of the island as far as possible to explore. On the way back I could drive a bit faster and the 135ccm strong scooter had enough power to carry me and my girlfriend up some very steep driveways. Most of the time I drove between 50 and 70km / h on Koh Chang.

Lonely Beach and Kai Bea Beach

On the other side of the island we drove towards Lonely Beach. On the way to Lonely Beach we saw a great vantage point, Kai Bae, over Kai Bae Beach, which we visited on our way back. At the viewpoint Kai Bae we met some interesting monkeys from whom I took a few pictures.

Beautiful vantage point on Koh Chang

Kai-Bae-AussichtspunktFrom Kai Bae lookout point on Koh Chang you can watch a beautiful sunset. So we stayed a bit at the lookout point on Koh Chang and then drove back to leave the scooter. We both enjoyed the evening together again with a nice meal on the beach in the Klong Prao Resort. This time we ordered an asparagus soup for bread, a pizza salami for 270Baht, 4 big crabs, rice for 540Baht and a coke and a water. In the hotel is already in the food prices 10% for the service and 7% vac. with calculated. On time at 8pm we saw the fire show on Klong Prao beach again. One, seeing the same show twice is okay, but I do not have to watch it every day.

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