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The island of Koh Chang in Thailand

Insel-Koh-ChangVery beautiful island and my favorite destination is the island of Koh Chang in Thailand. This holiday paradise is located in the south-eastern part of the country in the province of Trat. The mountainous landscape is perfect for great motorbike trips and hiking adventures. The surrounding islands are a true paradise for divers and snorkel friends.

Our island trip

From Pattaya to the island by minivan, by bus to Trat and by ferry to Koh Chang. In the morning we were picked up at our apartment by minivan, before we went to the island Chang, we went to a few other hotels to take a few people. The drive from Pattaya to Chang with 2 stopovers took 4 hours.

At the port by ferry to Koh Chang island

From Thammachart Pier we drove with a big ferry to Chang. Afterwards you have the possibility for 80 – 100Baht per person with the Songthaew in the city further or to your hotel to be driven. At the Natural Bay Pier people try to sell you too expensive a transport to your hotel, if you have booked only the journey by minibus to the port. You have the option to take your car to Koh Chang at Thammachart Pier, as there is space for 100 vehicles on the lower part of the ferry. The ferry ride from Thammachart Pier to Ao Sapparot Pier took less than 20 minutes and was still very pleasant. When we arrived at Ao Sapparot Pier on Koh Chang, Songthaew drivers were waiting across the street. They drove us for every 80Baht to our hotel.

No hotel booked?

Thailand Hotels

Because we have not booked a hotel before, we were lucky to go to one of my selected. Arrived at the Klong Prao Resort, we were picked up at the resort’s gate by a red tuk tuk and driven to the front desk. At the reception of the Hotel Klong Prao Resorts we learned that unfortunately they can only offer multiple rooms for the period over New Year’s Eve.

After phoning in vain, we decided to stay. So I let me make a better offer for the different rooms and booked the New Year’s Eve program for New Year’s Eve.

The 4 different deluxe bungalows in the resort already cost a lot but more on that later. We were also driven to our room by tuk tuk at Klong Prao Resort. After we moved into our room, we went to eat in the restaurant on the beach and then looked at the resort.

ATMs and Money Exchange

Unfortunately I can not say yet if there are any money exchange rooms on the island. What I know for sure is that there are ATM ATMs on the island. There you can always withdraw money with a Maestro bank card. The amount is always based on your bank conditions in your country. You can withdraw at most ATM machines between 10,000 and 20,000Baht at once.

Koh Chang sights

Koh Chang Island offers many and great attractions. From beautiful beaches over fantastic viewpoints to great waterfalls for swimming.

Schnorchel Tour Koh Chang Inseln

Koh Chang snorkeling tour

On the surrounding islands of Koh Chang you can book great day trips for snorkeling. Great boat tour with slides and bathing fun. Find out more about our great snorkeling tour in our travel report.

Happy New Year 2018

New Year on Koh Chang

Spend New Year's Eve in Thailand, great idea or not? I am also very happy about Christmas and New Year's Eve in Thailand. So I moved to the island of Koh Chang to celebrate the new year. Our New Year's Eve buffet and beach party.


Scooter Tour - Koh Chang Sightseeing & Waterfalls

The island of Koh Chang is ideal for beautiful scooter tours and sightseeing. In the national park there are many waterfalls for swimming and exploring. So it took us on the scooter and on foot through the beautiful island.

Hotels and accommodation on Koh Chang

A very expensive hotel, with a private beautiful beach on the island is the Klong Prao Resort. When we got there on New Year’s Eve 2017, I was told that they would be renovating. The prices for the year 2018, the hotel has adjusted at least down.

Klong Prao Resort Koh Chang

At Klong Prao Resort, the breakfast buffet is served in the second restaurant. The breakfast buffet at Klong Prao Resort is very good, with pasta, Thai food, and international food. Eggs, bacon, salads, fruits and very good bacon.

Around noon we moved to another deluxe bungalow on Lake Klong Prao Resort. In the afternoon I went for a walk on the beach and then went swimming in the pool. Very nice is the quiet and almost private beach at Klong Prao Resort, from Klong Prao Beach I took a couch in the evening and watched the sunset on Koh Chang.

Food on the beach and fire show in the sea

Later I went with my girlfriend to the restaurant on the beach and sat in the seats with the bean bags. Here we had a nice dinner and enjoyed the 20 o’clock fire show. We ordered a tomato and asparagus soup and a pizza Hawaii. Then we ordered an orange shake and a coffee, before we made a leisurely night walk on Klong Prao beach in Koh Chang.

Nightlife, bars and food

For all party lovers, Koh Chang also has a nightlife with bars to offer. On Koh Chang, the nightlife is not comparable to Pattaya, but there are some nice bars to go out there.

So we went for 50Baht in the evening in the next place. From there we walked a bit through the streets and looked at the shops, stalls and hotels. On a side street on Koh Chang there is a small walking street with several bars. On Koh Chang, however, there are more karaoke bars than strip clubs or Gogo Girl Bars.


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