Koh Larn island

The island of Koh Larn near Pattaya

Koh-Larn-Strand-Karte-Beach-MapNot far from Pattaya is the beautiful island of Koh Larn. The island can be reached by ferry in just 45 minutes. A faster way to get to the popular beaches on the island is by speedboat. Koh Larn Island has hotels and accommodation for overnight stays. There are many beaches with innumerable beach chairs which are to rent between 50 and 100 Baht for a day. On the island you can drive to the beaches with the pick up trucks called Songthaews between 30 and 50baht per person. You can also rent a 300 baht scooter for a full day exploring the island and viewpoints.

Ferry to the island of Larn near Pattaya


When do the ferries from Pattaya to Koh Larn depart? The ferry for 30 Baht per person goes behind the Walking Street at Bali Hai Pier. The ferry alternately drives 2Piere on the island of Larn, the Na Baan Pier and the Ta Waen Pier.

Which beaches are there on the island?

There are six beaches on Larn, Samae Beach, Ta Waen Beach, Sang Wan, Ta Yai Beach, Thien Beach and Naul Beach.


Money needed, is there ATM on Koh Larn?

If you do not have enough cash or if you are thinking about spending the night on the island and still need money, you do not need to be afraid. On Koh Larn near the Na Baan pier jetty at 7eleven there is an ATM ATM.

Good and cheap hotels on Koh Larn

For swimming, the island with the 6 beaches for a longer holiday in Thailand is very well suited. That’s why it also makes sense to book a budget accommodation on the island. However, there are also nicer rooms that may cost a bit more.

A nice hotel near Naa Ban Pier is this Lareena Resort. Enjoy your vacation on a hammock and a view of the sea. Another very nice hotel would be Suntosa Resort.

A well-rated accommodation on Samae Beach on Larn Island is the 3 star Xanadu Beach Resort.

Temple on Koh Larn

Wat Mai Samraan - Tempel auf Koh LarnOnce on the island, you can walk to Na Baan Pier to visit a temple near the pick up’s. The Buddha Temple Wat Mai Samraan is just opposite. On the way there are many souvenir stalls and food stalls.

Samae Beach on Koh Larn

Samae-Beach-Koh-LarnThe largest beach with a lookout on the right is the Samae. This beach can be reached by pick-up truck from Na Baan Pier, for 30Baht per person. The loungers in the second row cost 50baht, there are on the white sandy beach next to toilets and showers and dining options. If you have forgotten something for bathing or your swimsuit is torn, you can buy new there.

Ta Waen Beach

Ta-Wean-Beach-Koh-LarnYou can also walk to the beach from Na Baan Pier. At Ta Waen Beach there are plenty of shops and stalls to buy fruits, beers and bath accessories. Between the speedboats are a few separate places for bathing. If you continue along and through the stalls to the left, you come to a nicer beach section. Or take the boardwalk to the right to get to Sang Wan beach.

Sang Wan Beach

Sang-Wang-Beach-Koh-LarnThe Sang Wan beach is located on Ta Wean Beach, if you come from the pier and walk right across the boardwalk, you will come to the small but beautiful beach. On the way there you will meet a few monkeys and be careful on the slightly older boardwalk.

Ta-Yai Beach

Ta-Yai-Beach-Koh-LarnTa Yai Beach is a beautiful little beach at the top of Koh Larn. There you can relax on sunbeds under umbrellas and go for a swim in the clear water. On the beach you get something to eat and drink. From time to time ice cream vendors and Thais come with souvenirs.

Thien Beach Koh Larn

Thien Beach Koh LarnDer Thien Beach liegt auf der anderen Seite der Insel Koh Larn gegenüber des Na Baan Pier. Nach der Fahrt mit dem Songthaew laufen Sie gemütlich zu dem schönen kleinen Strandabschnitt.

Naul Beach

Nual-Beach-Koh-LarnDer Naul Beach auf Koh Larn ist mein liebster Strand. Neben den Restaurants befinden sich auch ein paar gemütliche Bars zum Cocktail trinken. Zudem kann man auf der rechten Seite des Strandes zwischen den Bäumen und Sträuchern auf den Felsen entlang laufen.

Viewpoints and attractions of Koh Larn

Buddha Footprint - AussichtspunktThe Buddha Footprint Lookout. The way up the 250 steps is especially in the summer, so from May to August very exhausting. As I climbed the 250 steps to the lookout point it was particularly hot in April 2016. It was in the shade around 40 degrees when I mastered the ascent with a loud breath and a bottle of water in 5 minutes. The view over the steep stairs and the sea is priceless.


Tempel Koh LarnAlso worth a visit is the Guanyin Temple on the way to the Buddha Footprint Lookout. From there you have a very nice view over the Ta Waen Beach of the island.

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  1. Vani L.

    If you are looking for a dip on hot days in Pattaya, do not go to the dirty water on Pattaya Beach. From Pattaya Beach speedboats drive for 300 baht per person to the island Koh Larn. There the water is much clearer and the beach cleaner. On Koh Larn there are many other attractions, such as temples and viewpoints. To stay there are even a few nice hotels on the island. Unfortunately the beaches are very crowded in the high season, so you should stay overnight or visit the island in the off season.

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