Koh Samet – Islands in Thailand

The island Koh Samet in Thailand

Koh-SamedThe island Koh Samet is a great travel and holiday destination for families. With its beautiful white sand beaches and surrounding small islands for snorkeling trips, the island is a paradise. Furthermore, there is a national park and viewpoints on the island. The bathing paradise has several beautiful beaches and cheap accommodation. On the island you can rent a scooter to continue. If you only want to spend the day at a beach, you should get there. At the port mostly drivers are around, who bring you to the desired beach for little money.

By ferry to the island of Koh Samet

Nuanthip PierThe best way to get to Koh Samet is by ferry. There are several ports on the island which can be reached by ferry, but you can also take a speedboat to a beach or the surrounding islands. The Koh Samet Na Dan Pier is the first and closest from Sri Ban Phe Pier in Tambon Phe behind Rayong.

Convenient by bus from Bangkok to Ban Phe Pier

At Nuanthip Pier is Ban Phe Souvenir Market. Also located behind the market across the street, the bus terminal. From (here) Banphe buses run every hour during the week from Monday to Friday to the Eakmai to Bangkok. You can also travel hourly from the Eakmai Bus Station in Bangkok to Banphe.

ATM and 7-Eleven

Think of your credit card! If you travel on islands in Thailand, then you should always have your bank card with you. Not everywhere there are money exchange offices! No worries in case of need, arrived at Na Dan Pier is an ATM ATM and a 7-Eleven supermarket.

Beach bars on Koh Samet

Sai Kaew Beach - Koh SamedThere are no bars on most beaches on Koh Samet. At the cocktail bars of Sai Kaew Beach you will not only get alcoholic drinks but also delicious fruit cocktails. However there are restaurants there which mostly offer beer.

Good and cheap hotels on the island

If you want to stay longer on the island to explore all sights, you can rent a scooter at the pier. With the scooter or a pick-up truck, the so-called Songthaew, you get to your hotel. My hotel recommendations for a longer stay on Koh Samed Island are:

Which beaches are very nice for swimming?

National Park Khao Laem Ya

On Wikipedia can you get some information about the National Park.

Jeps Beach Insel Koh Samed Sai Kaew Strand

Sai Kaew Beach and Ao Hin Khok

Koh Samed StrandOn Sai Kaew Beach you can soak up the sun under the beautiful beach chairs on the white beach. If you get hungry, then you can relax in the Finale Bar on the beach. For a nice beach walk around tidy brown is at the approximately 500m long beach enough space.

Meerjungfrau StatueOn the way to Ao Hin Khok beach you will find a beautiful mermaid statue. Nearby there are several restaurants for dining and the Lido Beach Bar.

Ao Noi Na beach

Ao Phrao beach on Koh Samet

Ban Pae Pier and Sun Set Point

Ao Wai beach at Koh Samed

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  1. Vani L.

    I also recommend everyone visiting Koh Samet. I was there for a week in 2016 myself. We have made beautiful snorkel tours to the surrounding islands. In total we visited during our day trip 4 islands for snorkeling. The beautiful white sand beaches on Koh Samet are perfect for relaxing and sunbathing.

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