Living in Thailand, costs and prices – enough 300 € per month

Living in Thailand, living expenses and prices

Living-in-ThailandLiving in Thailand, does one come out with 300 euros a month? If you want to emigrate to Thailand, it also makes financial thoughts, especially what you need for a living in Thailand. Enjoy life with the pension in Thailand, who does not dream of it? You build up financial cushion and save for a condominium or a house in Thailand, then worry about the cost of living. But what does it cost me to live in Thailand and is there something for the enjoyment?

Cost of a rental apartment in Thailand

Cost of living in Thailand includes the cost of a rental home, house, or villa. If you want to buy a house or a flat, you also need the necessary equity for this. As a rule, you get from just € 100,000 a nice little apartment in Pattaya. If you do not want to live in the last hole, you have to expect a monthly rent of around 300 € plus additional costs. But you have, but mostly a pool landscape and a gym in the condominium.

Most Thais live in simple lodgings with their whole family. Many of these sheet metal huts in secured living rooms cost between 50 and 200 € per month for rent. Again, the electricity costs and water costs are to be paid extra.

Living in Thailand for food and drinks

Compared to Germany the prices for Thai food are cheaper. Who does not want to do without German food, of course, has to dig deeper into his pocket. Because the water in Thailand is not as pure as in Germany, it is also much cheaper. There are also water dispensers in the Thai residential areas. At these extra filtered water stations, Thais can fill their water bottles for around 1 baht per liter. As a German I advise you to good water from the supermarkets, which are also mixed with important minerals.

Most Thais eat at the popular food stalls that can be found on every street corner. The soups and Thai dishes cost between 30 baht and 120 baht. If you cook yourself, you buy your food in the cheap supermarkets or fresh on the markets. Here, the prices vary between meat and vegetables very strong. The cost of living for food depends especially on your own requirements and the amount you eat. Especially as a foreigner, one is asked to check out in the markets rather, if no prices are advertised. A big advantage is the one who can read the Thai price tags.

Our cost of living Thailand – Price list as an overview of the cost in Thailand.

Other additional costs in Thailand

For the collection and disposal of garbage in Thailand fees are due. The fee for collecting garbage in Thailand costs 150 baht a month. The additional disposal of the garbage in Thailand costs another 200Baht. If you want to have German TV channels and internet at home you have to calculate a monthly fee. Also the cost of the driver’s license, the papers and the registration of the vehicles. What does mobile telephony cost and which providers are there? You’ll find out in this report on mobile internet in Thailand.

Electricity costs in Thailand

Where does the electricity come from in Thailand and what does it cost? The electricity in Thailand is mainly produced from coal power, but there are also hydroelectric power plants in northern Thailand, which are used to generate electricity. Followed by biomass and solar energy, Thailand will be investing more in renewables in the future. Roughly speaking, the electricity in Thailand is only one-third as expensive as in Germany, despite the price increases in 2018 and 2019. The kilowatt-hour of electricity currently costs around 3.6 * baht. Further information can be found in the * AHK datasheet.

Gasoline costs in Thailand

If you own a car or a scooter in Thailand, you have to fill up as well. But what does the gasoline and diesel in Thailand cost? The gasoline prices and diesel prices fluctuate in Thailand as in any other country too. The average gasoline price in Thailand is 36.40 baht per liter in 2019. However, diesel prices in 2019 averaged 27.16 baht per liter. Source: Global Petrol Prices


Generally you can get food and drink for 150 € a month if you eat Thai food. Who also has a cheap place to stay and can also keep additional costs low, comes with 300 € a month. For your planning, you should rather double, because you often tend to other expenses and unpredictable on the finances beats. Also, foreigners who want to live in Thailand need a minimum income or fortune. What is your opinion? Should an important point be included? Write it in the comments.

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