LK Metro Alley – bars and nightlife in Pattaya

Die LK Metro Alley with Gogo Girls and Strip Clubs

LK Metro Alley

For the nightlife in Thailand there are many streets with gogo girls and strip clubs. So are in the LK Metro Alley of Pattaya, also some great Gogo bars and strip clubs. Relaxation is also provided, as you will find in the massage shops in the street itself and in Soi Buakhao Road.

Of course there are the many bars for a cozy evening to drink beer. So many beer bars in Thailand have board games and pool billiards at their bars. Mostly the pool game does not cost anything if you have a drink there. For people who just want to play a game of pool, of course, can do that too. Mostly a game costs between 10 and 30Baht.

How to get to the street

The road is between Pattayasaisong 13 and Soi Buakhao at the LK Metropole Hotel. In the street are several nice A Gogo, Girls and Strip Clubs. The bars and A Gogo clubs string together through the LK Metro Alley. So you will find the right club for your nightlife in Thailand.

LK Metro Bars und Strip ClubsYou will recognize the beginning of the road, at the Soi Buakhao round the arc with the signs between the Sugar Sugar A Gogo and the Climax. At the Pattayasaisong Road intersection into Soi Buakhao Road is a subway.

Gogo Girls und Strip Clubs

And that’s what LK Metro Street looks like between the Gogo Girl Bars and Strip Clubs. The road to the front of the picture leads to Soi Buakhao Road. In the street there are many more and cheap bars. In addition, you can not get far into a hustle and bustle and also see the night markets in Soi Buakhao. Because I only once ran through the street, I can currently not tell about it.

Anyone who knows the party street and already has experience, whether good or bad, may share it in the comments with us.

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