Long neck village Chiang Mai – Thailand round trip

Long neck village Chiang Mai & visit of the Namtok Mae Sa waterfall

Langhalsdorf Chiang Mai

Today we went on another adventure day trip in the jungle to the long neck village of Chiang Mai. Around 8:20 am we drove north to the Elephant Camp for 1 hour and 20 minutes. At the Elephant Camp there is an ATM machine, for those who do not have enough money.

The half-day tour, elephant show, elephant ride, ox-coach ride, bamboo rafting rafting and lunch cost 1,600baht per person. Although it is around 40 €, but it is worth it. The circa 30 minute elephant show was breathtaking and very impressive. First, the elephants have been introduced, what kind and where they come from, your name and how old the elephants are. The elephants came forward with their coaches and bowed.

For 100baht you could buy a bucket full of bananas and feed the elephants. Before the show started, you could stand on the edge of the stage and get a hat put on by an elephant. If you wanted, you could also let the elephant give you a fat, fat kiss on the cheek. The elephant show starts after the show with a round welcome. This was followed by an exciting performance as the elephants danced to the music, playing football and playing basketball. But the highlight of the elephant show, were the impressive self-painted pictures by the elephants. One could buy a picture after the elephant show for 1000Baht and each of the portraits contains the signature of the painting elephant. After the elephant show we went to the elephant ride.

Elephants ride in Chiang Mai

When we got there to climb, I was a little nervous, because this was my first elephant ride. We rode up the elephant through a river and up a mountain and down. The elephant ride lasted half an hour, because I also had a fear of heights and had cramped me quite a bit, the ride took me an eternity.

As we descended the hill, a spider mounted me, which I thrust down in shock with my gopro. Thus, this unfamiliar first ride on an elephant was a real adventure and adrenaline kick for me at the same time. When we rode on the elephant through the river, we were taken pictures, which we have also bought after our tour for 200Baht. The Ochsenkutschenfahrt was very relaxing.


Our trip with the oxcart

Ochsenkutschenfahrt in Chiang Mai

In the Ochsenkutschenfahrt two oxen are stretched on a wooden cart. In order not to burn in the hot sun, the Ochsenkutsche is equipped with a parasol. To first get on the circa 2-meter high cart, stopped the Ochsenkutschen driver next to a pedestal. About this we could ascend, as the elephants ride too. Before we left, our driver offered to take some pictures with our mobile. After the pictures were taken, we drove off comfortably.

The bus ride passed for half an hour, passing through the mountainous landscape north of Chiang Mai and a banana stand. At the banana stand, halfway, one could buy a perennial banana for 20Baht and feed the oxen with it for strengthening. After the bus ride it was noon and we got hungry, so we came to our last tour, before we could go for lunch. So we ran to the river and to the bamboo fins.

Bamboo raft ride on the river


The bamboo raft rafting was a cozy and beautiful river descent with light rapids and a Ausblich on a small waterfall to the river. Very sad to see there was a chained up elephant on the edge of a river in a meadow. This one sees again for what money distress or money Greed forces people. The bamboo raft rafting trip took another good half hour. The closer we got to our restaurant, the more we looked forward to our meal.

For lunch we got, chicken thighs, Thai curry, chicken soup, spring rolls and salad and rice as a side dish. The drinks we had to pay extra. After the very good and plentiful lunch in the Sanguan Sri Restaurant we drove on to Long Neck Village. In the village of Baan Tong Luang we paid 500baht entrance fee. In the village of Baan Tong Luang you can buy handmade toys and souvenirs, there is also a postcard shop and a mailbox in the village.

The long neck village Chiang Mai

Langhalsdorf Chiang Mai

The village of Baan Tong Luang is slightly off the road and consists of several tribes, a rice field and a church at the top of the mountain. In the individual tribes you can learn more about its culture and customs.

The long-necked women (Long Neck Women) are originally from Myanmar. As a souvenir, I bought there a wooden carved limb of a man idem an opening in the glans was to blow. The blowing of the limb is not without function, because when you blow the limb a whistle sounds.

There is also a beer opener on the other side. After about 2 hours we had already walked through the village and decided to look at the nearby waterfall.

Namtok Mae Sa waterfall

Namtok Mae Sa Wasserfall

The Namtok Waterfall or Mae Sa is a naturally formed, water-shaped and approximately 1500-meter-long waterfall. The Mae Sa waterfall is divided into 10 levels. Generally for trips in and around Chiang Mai, I recommend solid shoes e.g. Walking shoes, and in winter long pants and a sweater. In the winter months, a jacket is also very pleasant in the morning and in the evening as it is quite fresh and windy in Chiang Mai.

Admission to the Mae Sa waterfall is 100Baht for foreigners and 25Baht for Thais. Because we did not arrive at Namtok Waterfall until about 4:20 pm, we had very little time to visit. At 5pm the upper part of the waterfall is closed for inspection. So I recommend you to plan a whole day to visit the beautiful Namtok waterfall.

In some places of the Namtok waterfall, bathing is prohibited. On the 10 steps of the waterfall, you will find plenty of opportunities to refresh yourself in the water and go for a swim. In the short time we were still able to snap some nice pictures and do the one and the other video.

Langhalsdorf Chiang Mai – Hotel nearby

The Hmong Hilltribe Loge is located between the mountains and rice fields of Amphoe Mae Rim. There you can also relax in a beautiful pool.

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