Mobile internet in Thailand – SIM & Prepaid cards

Get mobile internet in Thailand, which providers and options are there? Find your matching SIM / prepaid card in Thailand.

Mobile Internet in Thailand – Prepaid Card

Mobiles Internet in Thailand

The best internet in Thailand. For those who are mainly in the city, a SIM card with TruemoveH (WiFi) is recommended.

The SIM card costs about 60 THB and there are various to Internet and telephone. I got up to 4G for 399 THB, 3GB of data for 30 days. (2016 in Thailand) In my last Thailand holiday from December 2017 to January 2018 I paid 370THB on True Move including prepaid card for 30 days. The Internet with LTE speed was often better than in Germany and without restrictions. Have used something more like 15GB data volume. Where is this in Germany for 8 €. In any 7eleven or in the shopping centers you can do this, but do not forget your ID card!

In my Thailand vacation in 2019 I have found in the 7-Eleven unfortunately no unlimited card to recharge more. So I often bought 10GB for 10 days from True Move. The credit will be charged right at the cashier on the phone. I paid 150Baht for the 10GB data volume and 10 days usage time.

Get free internet

Get free internet in Thailand, where and how? Many bars, restaurants and restaurants have free wifi. Almost all massage salons also have WiFi that you can use during your stay. Most WiFi connections have WP2 PSK encryption and are therefore secure enough for your data exchange.

The mobile internet service providers

Which mobile Internet service providers are available in Thailand and which ones are recommended? The best internet providers are TruemoveH, AIS and DTAC. On the respective Internet pages you will find more information about the respective maps and tariffs. There are great combinations for Surf & Call but also individual offers. My recommendation to you is TruemoveH, because I think it is also great value for money.

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