Naklua Road Pattaya

Pattaya Naklua Road

Naklua Road

The Naklua Road Pattaya stretches from the dolphin roundabout up to the Pattaya Naklua Alley 4, where the road turns right to the Sukhumvit. In the tail ending to the right, white Songthaew wait on the left side. With the white Songthaew you can continue for 20Baht to Leam Chabang. The red Songthaew, going up and down Naklua Street to Beach Road and Jomtien, can easily stop with a wave on the road. Most of the time the drivers give light to the people waiting on the roadside to signal whether they want to travel with them.

What makes the street so famous in Pattaya? Along the Naklua Road in Pattaya there are many German and international restaurants. You can eat pizza and grilled chicken there. But there are many more grill steaks and mobile food stalls in Pattaya. In addition to the good food there are a few bars with Thai girls and lady boys but also many good massage salons.

Tip: The Sanctuary of Truth can be reached via Naklua 12 Alley and Wongamat Beach is best reached via Naklua 16 Alley.

Currency exchange, banks and ATM machines on Naklua Road

In the Naklua Rd. Are very many money exchange offices between the dolphin roundabout and the Naklua 16 Alley. Further in the direction of the fish market, there are no bureaux de change only ATM machines. If you do not have enough cash at the fish market, you should change money first. The banks are not open every day and usually in the mornings and afternoons.

Laundry and photo shop

For washing clothes is located on the street to Naklua 29 Alley a laundry where you can do their laundry and dry. Just have a look at Dominos Pizza and the Thai Lounge Bar. The laundry is open every day except Sunday, from 8.30am to 7pm. To develop pictures, take passport pictures and for photo equipment, there is the Kodak Shop at the Garden Lodge Hotel.

Dentist in the Pattaya Naklua Road

Anyone who has dental problems in Thailand is also taken care of. The Dental World Center is located at the height of Naklua 33 Alley, only 150m from the dolphin roundabout. There you can also whiten and cleanse your teeth.

The new Terminal 21 shopping center

Terminal 21 Einkaufszentrum in PattayaSince 2018, there is now Terminal 21 Shopping Center and Hotel am Delfin Kreisel. Just as the Tesco Lotus and the Big C shopping mall are just minutes away from Naklua Street. The new shopping mall is definitely worth a visit. Terminal 21 has a train on the floor and there are international landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower.

Good hotels on Naklua Road

Now which hotels are good and recommended? Cheap and good hotels right on Naklua Road are the Garden Lodge, the Lek Villa and Woodlands Hotel Resort. The Pattaya Garden Hotel in the Naklua 18 with the beautiful bungalows is also a very cheap hotel.

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