New Year on Koh Chang – Hotel – Dinner – Show

My first New Year on Koh Chang


New Year on Koh Chang. Because I was feeling really well today, I had a nice breakfast and got several portions of bacon with fried potatoes and noodles. Why was not I feeling well? Because on our first evening on the island we went to eat crabs late in the evening. Since the old crabs have not got me and I have spoiled my stomach with it.

When eating crustaceans, always make sure that they are well cooked through. The best way to live the crabs before cooking. At noon we moved to a new deluxe room overlooking the Klong Prao Resort pool and ocean. I especially liked this room V101 as it has a luxurious massage shower and a nice bathtub.

New Year’s Eve afternoon

The afternoon I spent alternately in the pool and in the sea. In the evening we made ourselves comfortable on our terrace with pool view. New Year’s Eve is celebrated on Koh Chang tonight, because it’s the 31.12.2017. Although it was very expensive, I booked the evening program for New Year’s Eve.

The evening program on New Year’s Eve on Koh Chang

At 5 pm we finished the New Year’s Eve. At the beginning of the New Year’s Eve party there was a lot of delicious desserts and a welcome drink at the reception. Pure sparkling wine or sparkling orange. For the children there was a wall to drop balloons with darts, but there were various prizes to win. As a buffet dinner international delicacies were prepared and everything wonderful decorated and illuminated.

For entertainment a mixed program was offered. This evening program consisted of music and performances as well as several award ceremonies. We were able to win with our ticket for the evening great prices such as tours, massages and much more, unfortunately our number was not pulled or we missed them when we went to our room.

Our New Year’s Eve buffet


On New Year’s Eve buffet there were various salads, cheese, crab, salami, Japanese food such as sushi and BBQ. Furthermore, there were on New Year’s Eve buffet other delights and desserts such as cakes, pies and fruit dishes. Only the coffee and the water were free, all other drinks were exclusive. On New Year’s Eve was still a cocktail bar and a wine bar set up. New Year’s Eve entertainment included Thai dance performances, a fire show, and Thai boxing.

The built-up countdown clock counted the time down to midnight and it was handed out light candles. When it was midnight, we reserved ourselves a nice place, on the beach chairs on the beach to watch the fireworks on Koh Chang from here. The fireworks on Koh Chang were very nice but also loud and we wish you all a healthy, successful and Happy New Year 2018!

The island and attractions

Koh Chang is a beautiful island with many attractions. These include waterfalls where you can swim and great viewpoints. The beautiful mountain landscape is ideal for hiking and scootering. Although the island is very large, there are not many buildings yet. However, it will improve the way and build new hotels. Find out what you can experience on Koh Chang in another travel report.

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