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Nachtleben in Thailand

The nightlife in Thailand and the pretty Thai girls attract thousands of tourists each year to the party regions of Phuket, Pattaya and Bangkok. Very well known are the red light districts in Bangkok, like the Nana Plaza. Also read my report on nightlife in Phuket. In Phuket there is the Bangla Road as in Pattaya the Walking Street. Countless bars and clubs are located along Beach Road in the Soi side streets of Pattaya. Further information and travel tips can be found below in my Thailand travel blog.

Very nice, however, are the illuminated and golden temples at night. Another nice destination are the famous night markets in Thailand with the most diverse food and sights.


Nightlife in Thailand reports


Night markets in Pattaya

Very popular are the night markets in Thailand. Which night markets are there in Pattaya? Also in Pattaya there are many beautiful night markets. A well-known night market in central Pattaya is the Night Bazaar on Pattayasaisong Road. The night market is opposite the Central Festival.

Walkingstreet Pattaya, Walking Street

Pattaya nightlife in Walking Street

Walking Street in Pattaya is one of the most famous streets in Thailand. During the day it is very quiet and you can easily drive by car to the pier. In the evening, however, this is not possible because the road is then closed to traffic. There are countless bars and strip clubs in the walking street. In the street are many tugs with your flyers for sex shows on the road. If you are looking for discos in Pattaya, you are in the right place! There are several discos in the walking street. Other clubs can be found there in the side streets and behind the walking street. Furthermore, you will find great places to eat there. In addition to 7 Eleven and Minimart shopping malls you will find several ATM machines and money exchange offices.


Pattaya Nightlife and Boys Town

For women and gay men, there are also exclusive bars and clubs in Pattaya nightlife. Boys Town has several strip clubs with great shows. Read more about our evenings, the shows in our travelogue ...

Soi 6 in Pattaya

Thailand nightlife - Soi 6 from Pattaya

In Soi 6 there are many nice bars and clubs for parties. Also on Songkran you should definitely make a visit to the side streets in the evening. Ladyboys, Bargirls and Gogo Girls of Soi 6 ...


Nightlife in Thailand, Bars and the Beach Road

The beach road is a popular place for many tourists during the day. It is also the link to many shopping malls, popular side streets and the harbor. But at night, so-called freelancers are on the beach and offer their services to ...

Naklua Road

Naklua Road Pattaya

Who does not know them, the Naklua Road in Pattaya? Very popular among German tourists is the North Road in Pattaya. In addition to many German and international restaurants, there are also bars and massage parlors in the street. The Naklua Fish Market and the wooden temple are accessible via the Nordstraße ...

Soi Buakhao

Nightlife in Thailand - Soi Buakhao

In central Pattaya there are countless bars and clubs, so the Soi Buakhao is a very popular walking street for the nightlife in Pattaya. Learn more about the street, the strip clubs in our external travelogue ...


Ladyboys in Thailand

What are ladyboys? Ladyboys are bisexual human beings. These above have the breasts of the woman and below the masculine sex. Many bisexual and gay Thailand tourists prefer ladyboys. The prices for Lady Boys are the same as for the bar girls and gogogirls. Again, one distinguishes after LT and ST, Gogo or Bar Ladyboy ...

Thailand nightlife - Bar Girls - GoGo Girls - Freelancers and Boys

Long Time – Short Time


The two terms ST and LT are well known in Thailand. These terms can be found in the red light district, in the bars and clubs again. If you want to take a lady with you or travel with her, then you have to choose between LT and ST. What is the essential difference between LT and ST? As the term already reveals, time. However, another important difference is the price. The prices are again different between the bar girls and gogo girls. In general, the Gogo Girls are more expensive, because they also provide more sales.

What is Long Time? Long Time suggests that you have the wife for a day.

What is Short Time? Short Time suggests that the woman leaves after you’re done. Many young Thais prefer this kind of way to earn as much money as possible.

How much does a go go girl cost?

The cost of a Gogo Girl varies from place to place. However, in Pattaya, a Gogo Girl for ST costs around 1500 baht + Barfine. At LT it is considerably more, who wants to have a Gogo Girl all night usually pays 4000 Baht.

How much is a bar girl?

Again, the prices are different. In remote bars with fewer tourists, the bar girls are cheaper than in well-attended bars. However, in Pattaya a bar girl for ST costs around 800 Baht + Barfine. At LT, it is a little more but cheaper than a Gogo Girl. LT costs around 1500 baht for a bar girl.

Barfine – Tripping in Thailand

Why a Barfine? The so-called Barfine trip in Thailand is there, so that you can fuel the creating Thai woman from your work. If you raise a Thai, you can party with her or travel through Thailand together. So a kind of escort service only much cheaper! Many bar girls are employed in the bars and have a regular working time there. For this, the barmaid gets a certain salary, which is not very much.


What are Ladydrinks? Ladys drinks are drinks for the bar girls and go go girls. The drinks are the same only the price is higher. However, that does not mean the ladies have to pay more for their drinks. Because these drinks are donated by tourists, customers. A Ladydrink costs more than the normal drinks. Usually, the lady gets the difference as a commission.

Bar Girls in Thailand

Bar-Girls-Table-DanceWhat you should know about the bar girls in Thailand! Bar girls in Thailand can take time off and spend their time with you. This will allow you to discover new destinations and have fun. However, some bar girls also work as freelancers.



Go Go Girls in Thailand

Bars-und-Clubs-in-PattayaGo go Girls create in most strip clubs and table dance bars in Thailand. Because these thailadies are especially pretty and can move sexually, they are the most expensive.


What are freelancers? Sogennante freelancers are free-lancing women in Thailand. These Thai ladies are often on the beach herrum. You do not have to pay a trigger. But some of them also help in the bars.

Ladyboys in Thailand

Lady-Boys-ThailandWhat are ladyboys? Ladyboys are bisexual human beings. These above have the breasts of the woman and below the masculine sex. Many bisexual and gay Thailand tourists prefer ladyboys. The prices for Lady Boys are the same as for the bar girls and gogo girls. Again, one distinguishes after LT and ST, Gogo or Bar Ladyboy.

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