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Nong Nooch Tropical Garden in Pattaya

Nong-Noch-Tropical-GardenA very nice destination for a Thailand vacation is the Nong Nooch Garden in Pattaya. Plan for a trip to the Nong Noch Garden half a day, even better a whole day. The approximately two square kilometer botanical garden is located about 35km outside of Pattaya in a southerly direction. In addition to tropical plants and artificial figures, there are also real animals and performances in the park.

Aussicht Plattform

From a view platform in the middle of the park you have a pretty good overview. This split-level viewing platform easily recognizes the huge tree built in between.

In Nong Nooch Garden is still a kind of parking garage with various cars and attractions. The best way to get to this car garden is via the Sky Walk or the road.

Best way to the tropical garden Nong Nooch

Sky Walk im Nong Noch Garden

The easiest way to get to the tropical garden is by taxi. However, you then pay the taxi driver at the end of your journey home, if this is there to wait for you.

Our taxi driver got 1000 baht for the day trip, including a ride to the floating market, on our return journey. The entrance to the tropical garden including the shows cost us 500baht (2015) per person.


The park can be explored on foot or drive with one of the shuttle buses for another 100 baht.

Another way to explore the park is to ride with the elephants. The ride on the elephant through the tropical garden costs another 100Baht extra.

The French Garden and the Stone Henge

französischer Garten

A particularly beautiful sight results from the pavilion down to the French garden and the Stone Henge replica.

If you take the purple colored path on the map over the Sky Walk, you will come to this beautiful view.

The Italian garden and the mammoth garden

italienische Garten im Nong Noch Tropical Garden in Pattaya

Very nice to look at these two gardens in the middle of Nong Noch Park. In the Italian garden are beautiful plants and some statues.

Behind the Italian garden you can reach the lake via the Sky Walk. Here you can feed the fish and walk on to the Garden Villa and the Club House.

Mammut Garten im Nong NochIn the Mammoth Garden giant mammoths are also detailed.

ATM, food and drinks in the restaurant of the park

For hunger, Nong Tropical Garden is also taken care of as there is a restaurant right at the entrance to the park. Toilets are also located at the visitors entrance and the shows located there at the tribune. For those who have too little money or need a little more, two ATM ATMs are right at the beginning of the park.

Massages to relax and buy antiques

For those who would like to relax after a strenuous visit to the park, massage options are available at the Mammut Garten. Furthermore, after your relaxing massage, you can look around the antique shop and buy souvenirs.

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