Pattaya Floating Market

Floating Market Pattaya

A great destination for a holiday in Thailand is the Pattaya Floating Market. Just outside of Pattaya and within a few minutes, the floating markets can be reached by taxi. Floating Market in Pattaya is located directly on Sukhumvit Road. The entrance fee for farang`s (western foreigner) costs 200 Baht. For Thais, admission is free. At the cash desk you will be offered various offers. These are, for example, boat tours through the floating markets with food and pictures. We looked at the Floating Market on our way back from Nong Noch Tropical Garden so one of those offers was too expensive. So I paid my entry and looked at the floating markets in two hours. There are parking spaces for cars and scooters outside the market for those arriving by car.

It’s worth taking a look at the market in peace and eating there. I was not impressed, but I was already tired from visiting the tropical garden. It’s a market, only over water and with nice little wooden bridges like boardwalks for walking.

Schwimmende Märkte PattayaAbove all, the Floating Market offers many souvenir stalls, but there are also dining options and food stalls. Of course, there is also a small temple to prayer. During our visit we have seen from the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean” Jack Sparrow. He sold a few rum drinks. At the many food stalls you can try different Thai noodle and rice dishes as well as other food. For dining there is also a seating area on the floor but with tables.

ATM ATM – more information

In the entrance area before you come to the cash register, there are ATM ATMs on the left side. You can also change your money there at the exchange offices. Outside the market, the parking lots also have toilets. You can see all that is on the map of the Floating Market. Little hint: You can also take the white Songthaew on Sukhumvit Road for 20Baht to get to the market. On the way there you can also go to Underwater World Pattaya.

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