Pattaya railway station – Laundromats & Satellite Dish for the Home

Pattaya railway station, laundry facilities in Pattaya

Pattaya Bahnhof

After I had rested at noon the next day, I took care of the day planning and the drive to Pattaya railway station. My girlfriend washed our clothes at home. For those who do not have their own washing machine and do not want to wash their clothes by hand, there are smaller launderettes in almost every street where you can wash your clothes for a few baht.

At 2 o’clock in the afternoon we went by scooter to the tavern on Naklua Road for dinner. The tavern is a German / Thai restaurant, where I ordered a Schnitzel with fries. Then we went by scooter to the bus station in Pattaya. The bus station in Pattaya Naklua is located on Pattaya Road near Sukhumvit Road. There I informed myself. The Pattaya Bus Station website is here:

Buses run directly to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok, Mo Chit Bus Station, Hua Hin and more. Driving times and prices to Bangkok can be found here:

Pattaya railway station

At the bus station in Pattaya I then let me drive 140 Baht to the train station in Pattaya. Here I have informed about the times by train from Pattaya to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. There is also a train from Pattaya to Bangkok from Monday to Friday, the train goes to Hua Lampong Station.

Since the bus ride from Pattaya to Chiang Mai is cheaper, we decided to take the bus from Pattaya to Chiang Mai on Monday afternoon. The bus departs from the Pattaya Bus Station for 117Baht to the Mo Chit Bus Station in Bangkok and from there to Chiang Mai on another bus. Then we went back to the scooter with us and saw some TV.

Little relaxation with an oil massage

The time passes unfortunately very quickly and during an oil massage at home, the day was running low, so we made ready for the night to go out. In Naklua Rd., Near the dolphin roundabout, a new bar has been open since May 2017. There is wifi, good drinks, pretty young bar ladies in the Crazy Bar and in addition to a range of football also food for free. A big screen and a cozy sitting area for watching football are a great pleasure for all football fans and make the bar something special.

The good German buffet in the evening with various salads, sausages, Fleischküchle and small breaded schnitzel are a great gesture from the operator. In addition, there was a short on top of it for nothing. Thus, the Crazy Bar is a hotspot for football lovers, beer fans and party people. Why also for party people? Well, crazy parties are often celebrated in the Crazy Bar until the wee hours. (This bar has closed again in 2018) After we had eaten well and drunk, we went back home for a nice evening in togetherness.

Our third day on our Thailand tour

In the hot and sunny weather we went through the daytime shops in the area. We found on one of the markets nearby a TV dealer, this has us later a satellite dish receiver with 1200 baht mounted to the house.

Later we went down the Naklua Road with the Pickup Truck or Songthaew. In Naklua Road there are many ways to get money. There are several ATM ATMs, banks and money exchange offices in the street. There I exchanged my German money in Thai baht. In the evening we cooked the crabs from Naklua fish market Lan Po, served with rice, soy sauce and a spicy chili sauce.

Going out in the evening in Pattaya

After relaxing watching TV and relaxing on the couch we got ready to go out. To celebrate, we drove to one of the many bars on Naklua Road, of which there are many along the street and in the side streets. After 7 beers, we went to the nightclub and then with the Songthaew for 10Baht in the walking street to the McDonalds. Unfortunately there was only MC chicken in McDonald’s walking street at 2:45 in the morning. So I ordered an MC chicken menu and for my girlfriend a few cheeseburgers.

Then it went back with the pick-up truck (Songthaew) back. At the Songthaew drivers, some of them drive the same routes for 10 baht and others wait for foreigners to offer you a private ride to your hotel. In a private and direct drive with the Songthaew the price is negotiable. Here is approximately per person per 100 Bahah within Pattaya. The same goes for tuk tuk rides, but you’ll find them more in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. This was our third day in Thailand, some nightlife in Pattaya and relaxation.


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