From Pattaya to Chiang Mai

From Pattaya to Chiang Mai by bus

From Pattaya to Chiang Mai – Today we made our suitcase for the trip to Chiang Mai. For lunch we cooked only rice and ate some fried eggs. I have already loaded my travel equipment, my cell phones, the power bank and the Gopro batteries for the trip to Chiang Mai. Afterwards we have some sweets, something to nibble and drinks bought on the way.

In the afternoon at 16:20 o’clock we have a scooter driver to the bus station in Pattaya Naklua, for each 40THB and once 20THB for the suitcase, bring. At 17.10 o’clock then went our bus in 2Kl. From Pattaya Bus Station to Bangkok to Mo Chit Bus Station. The trip took about 2.5 hours. At Mo Chit bus station arrived, we went first to visit the toilet. After the toilet, we asked ourselves to the right ticket counter.

So as a little tip for bus travelers in Thailand, it is recommended to take a roll of toilet paper. Because there are usually no toilet paper on the service areas in Thailand but only the famous toilet with the water to nachschütten. Since the buses are cooled very far down, a long pants is recommended. Information at Mo Chit Bus Station is also signposted.

Continue from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

At the ticket counter, it was good to have my Thai girlfriend, because the woman at the counter could not speak English. You can, however, interpret on the screen or on the board where you want to go. Because we had some time left, we went to the Mo Chit bus station in Bangkok for some food. However, I have just brought me a waffle, which gave it with different flavors varieties.

Our bus from Bangkok to Chiang Mai left at station 14 at 9pm. The 1KL. Ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai only cost 569THB per person. The bus driver told us before the ride water, juice. A blanket and biscuits out. The trip from Bangkok to Chiang Mai by bus was nevertheless very long and exhausting. The bus stopped every 2 hours at a rest stop. There we covered up a bit with food again for the ride and briefly represented our legs.

How are the buses equipped?

In some 1Kl. Buses are available at every seat also an entertainment system for entertainment. The seat in 1Kl. had a lot of legroom and you could put it far back. There was also a foot rest for folding up. Furthermore, there is a toilet with toilet paper on board the bus. At night, I still came to 4-5 hours of sleep and the ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai took an amazing 10 hours. So we arrived at 7am in the morning at the bus station in Chiang Mai.

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