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Walking Street – entertainment district and popular attraction in Pattaya nightlife

Walkingstreet Pattaya, Walking Street

This report is about the nightlife in Pattaya and the popular walking street Pattaya. It’s also about lady shows in various clubs on Walking Street. The entertainment district is very popular with tourists and has become something of an attraction in the meantime. Walking Street is a 1 km long street full of bars, table dance clubs, restaurants and nightclubs.

After walking down Beach Road in Pattaya all the way to Walking Street in the afternoon and returning home via Soi 6, we left in the evening and so moved into a Gogo Girls Club on Walking Street. Walking Street Pattaya is located at the end of Beach Road. While at night the road is closed to vehicles, it is open during the day. So you can drive down the beach road with a Songthaew down to the Pattaya harbor.

Why is Walking Street Pattaya so popular?

Live Musik Walkingstreet PattayaIn the Walkingstreet are countless bars strung together, clubs and a few discos. Just the thing to celebrate in Pattaya. Also in the side streets, there are other beautiful Pooldance clubs and food stalls to eat. In many bars you can play pool billiards and also enjoy live music.

Pattaya Walking Street prices


What about the prices in the popular street? There are generally no entrance fees to bars and nightclubs in Walking Street. That’s very good to check the situation. Only certain clubs with sex shows and various other performances cost entry. At such places drinks coupons are often very expensive at the entrance turned on the visitors. With such coupons, the scam is that it returns no change and you pay more for a drink.

Ladydrinks are generally much more expensive than regular drinks, why that’s the case, you’ll find in our blog post about Ladydrinks. Now we come to the prices in Walking Street. The prices however vary very much between nightclubs and the bars. The beer prices for a small beer are between 120 Baht and 200 Baht. Cocktails, however, only start at 160 baht. Soft drinks are available from 80 baht, in Insomnia costs a coke for example, 120 baht.

Watch out! Pattaya Walking Street Info

Pattaya’s Walking Street has so-called tugs that tempt you to come to their clubs. Because I want to gain experience, we followed him. He told us that we can look in there for free, that was not always the case. Arrived at the club they wanted to sell us even more expensive tickets. For 700 baht per person and a free drink we decided to go again when he had offered us the same for 500 baht, we went into it.

In the club we were accompanied by the gentlemen to the bar and then took us a seat in the upper row. As we sat on our seats, the waitress arrived and showed us the drinks menu. I was also quite surprised that I was allowed to select cocktails on the map for 350Baht. Well thought wrong, when I wanted to order my drinks from the card, you already noted the prices and so I asked.

It was not until I asked about the free drinks that you put another card with just a few drinks. There I could get the cheap draft beer, a coke, water, juice or soda. So we had our two drinks brought. When you brought us the drinks, it was only 0.2 liter glasses.

The Lady Strip Shows in Walking Street

Walking Street Pooldance Clubs

At the beginning only 3 Gogo girls danced on the poles. After about 5 minutes, the Lady Show started with a Gogo Girl in bra and skirt, but no panties. She presented how she used a pen in her cunt to write on a piece of paper Welcome to Pattaya. Another Gogo Girl showed us the famous Ping Pong Show. As in the movie Fuck You Gothe 2, the Gogo Girl pushed the ping pong balls into her vagina and shot them into a glass. Now came more lady shows, these were also new to me.

It also had a reason why we did not sit in the front row, because the ladies go around to their shows and want a tip. Because I want to offer you a detailed travelogue, the show continues now. At the next lady show we got to watch a slightly fuller gogo girl pulling a 5 meter long rope out of her vagina.

Terrible and dangerous lady shows

The following show I felt a bit dangerous. This shot the Gogo Girl with a pipe, the previously handed out to the spectators Balloons, with an arrow over your cunt. She also blew out burning candles on this pipe with her cunt. Too blatant were the following shows. This time, two Gogo girls came on stage and pulled about 3 meters long threads from their vagina, to which razor blades and nails were attached at a distance of 30cm to each other. Pleasant was watching the gogo show in which the young lady with her cunt smoking cigarettes. After about 1 hour lady show in a club in the walking street, we went further.

Lady Strip Club Conclusion

My conclusion: The money is not only a shame for me but I think it’s not right, what the ladies do with their bodies. There are certainly similar shows to see in the clubs and nightlife of Pattaya. You can see Pattaya sex shows, and wild shows on the bars and in hot tubs. For this purpose, many tug shows, in the walking street Pattaya `s, with their flyers.

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