Pay cashless, the advantages and disadvantages

Pay cashless, a sensible thing?

Bargeldlos bezahlen

Even in Thailand, you can pay cashless while shopping. But now the question arises whether in the future you should completely renounce cash Worldwide. Which advantages and disadvantages come with a cashless payment transaction. The 10 Baht Songthaew’s would be eliminated in Thailand but also the private and overpriced rides.

For cross-border payment by card, one could, for example, create a folder for a vacation. But also for all other wishes, folders could be created and managed. But then you change the currency to a good price. So like currency trading. But it could also be introduced worldwide a single currency.

The advantages of cashless payment are:

  • Enormous time savings because there is no change
  • You do not have to get money from the vending machine, no ATMs thus lower bank fees
    Counterfeit money is thus prevented
  • No cheating on exchange rates at bureaux de change possible
  • Shell players disappear or are easier to track down
  • Songthaew, Tuk Tuk, taxi costs not overpriced, possibly state determined.
  • Exchange of currency is not required
  • The payment amount is settled immediately, so the cash does not have to be paid to the bank first
  • If the purse or the card is stolen, nothing can be done without a PIN. It is important to have the card blocked
  • Bonus points and discounts, frequent flyer miles
  • Overview of all expenses on the billing

Disadvantages of cashless payments

  • Thus, a disadvantage in case of theft. If the card is gone, you can not buy anything in time until you have a new bank card
  • Problems can reappear on over-coated cards and stop payment at checkout
  • Worse overview. You easily spend more money
  • Fees for payments and bank cards go up
  • Higher fees abroad possible, bad exchange rates, etc.
  • Banks know where and how your money is flowing, what you are buying, etc.
  • Digital fraud would increase, hacker attacks …
  • Environmental impact from plastic cards is increasing

What is your opinion on cashless payments worldwide? Write us your opinion about cashless payments in the comments. What advantages and disadvantages do you still have?

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