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Phi Phi Inseln

Our day trip to the beautiful Phi Phi Islands. What else you should know. Around Phuket, many coral reefs can be reached in no time. Stark Point, Raja Island, Anemone Ship and Coral Rings are among the best known and most colorful of all.

With crystal-clear water, you can also snorkel and swim in the Phi Phi Islands, be enchanted by this unique panorama. The underwater world of the small bays of Koh Phi Phi invites you to snorkel. The most famous is the Maya Bay, which has become known through the movie “The Beach”.

Another very nice is Bamboo Island, the island is great for snorkeling, diving and swimming, both islands are in the Andaman Sea.

And so began our day trip to the Phi Phi Islands

Schnellboot in ThailandAt 8am in Phuket Town, we were transferred from Ekkamon Manson Hotel to Rassada Pier. If you want to rent a bungalow on Phi Phi Islands to spend more time there, you can take the ferry from 400 Baht to the island. Arrived at the pier, we were logged in by our driver and got our speedboat ribbon. There were the rubber bands in 3 different colors. Each color meant a group and a speedboat.

Our English speaking guide

Our english speaking guide named Spicy was very nice and explained everything very well. The departure times at the individual places were also shown to us with signs, so everyone knew.

Travel tip: It is an advantage if you buy waterproof covers for your mobile phone first and not only at the pier. Because at the pier a cell phone case costs five times the normal price.

The island Koh Khai Nai was our first berth

Khai Nai InselOur first island was Koh Khai Nai after a 20 minute drive. On the island we were 1h 30min. to swim and dive. The diving could be booked during the trip for 1800 Baht. For those who have no experience with diving, do not be afraid, because there are trained divers there and explain everything to you in advance. However in English!

Our stay on the island Khai Nai

On the island we had our own booth and also got drinks like coke and water. The food was, here for free at our booth, pineapple and watermelon. You can also rent there beach chairs for 100 Bahrt, if that is worth the short stay, you have to know yourself. At the bars there are also food and cocktails to buy.

Onward journey to the famous Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi

Maya Bay - Thailand

Then it was 30 minutes to Maya Bay on Koh Phi Phi Leh. During this 1 hour stay we walked to Losa Ma Bay (300m) to take pictures between the rocks and go to the bathroom.

I could see a snake creeping past the people under the stairs, along the jetty. The people on the stairs kept a little distance to the queue, caution is required!



Phi Phi Don StrandAfter the View Point we went back to the Maya Bay Beach to take pictures before we drove on again. Now was time to eat, so we went to Phi Phi Don, there was a great lunch buffet. For the food and sightseeing we had an hour stay, with a family from our group on the ferry changed.




Monkeys were also seen

Monkey Bay Phi Phi Island

The Monkey Beach can be reached from there in 3 minutes and our next stop. Unimaginable to see how the monkeys wait there for the food of the tourists and also come to the boats. The wild monkeys, however, should not be touched, as there is a danger that they bite.

I also did not know that monkeys can swim. If not all, these already there! Because our guide had to push the monkey into the water with a life jacket, because he did not want to go back.


Snorkeling in the crystal clear water

Phuket Schnorchel Tour

After about 10 minutes we went to the Viking Cave for snorkeling (30 min.). The crystal clear water there is great for making good videos and pictures underwater. You can see different and colorful fish there. The snorkeling equipment we have of course borrowed free of charge.

For sightseeing (sightseeing) we were at the Pileh Cove and drove to the Pileh Lagoon. Here you can capture spectacular and breathtaking pictures in memory of this place, before it goes nonstop back to the pier (about 17h).

At the pier, you can buy a plate with your photo for 100 Baht. This picture was taken in the morning before you got on the boat.

Finally, your buses, taxis, etc. ready and bring you back to the hotel or the airport.

My conclusion to the Phi Phi Leh and Phi Phi Don journey

Maya Bay mit dem Schnellboot The day trip was very nice and quite cheap. Our lunch buffet at Phi Phi Don Island was plentiful and tasted very good. The speedboat with the 3 times 250hp engines was quite fast and was a lot of fun. On the evening before our return trip and during the visit of the Viking caves, the speedboat made quite a sideways movement towards the waves. There had to be one and the other handed over. Luckily our tour guides were very helpful. So we also gave you some tips for the good day trip.


Phi Phi Leh

This is how the toilets looked on Phi Phi Leh Island. These are located on Maya Bay on the way to the viewpoint.

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