Pokemon go gambling in Thailand

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Pokemon go gambling in Thailand

Pokemon go gambling in Thailand. For all gamers who travel to Thailand, there are Whats App and Facebook groups. How do you get to the groups? If you meet other gamblers while playing, ask them if they are in a group and they can join the raiding. Another way is through Facebook. If you are already in groups there, you can join raids and join Whats app groups.

  • Pokémon go gambling in Chiang Mai

Pokemon-go-zocken-in-Chiang-MaiFor all Pokémon go Players going on a trip to Thailand need not be afraid of not playing Pokémon go in Thailand. Here in Thailand you can play Pokémon go as well as anywhere in the world too.

Internet for gambling

Get a Thai prepaid card for your second mobile phone in Thailand and make a spot for your other mobile phone. The internet in Thailand is much cheaper and better than in Germany. I
recommend to buy from True Move a prepaid card for only 49Baht. The unrestricted Internet with LTE speed is available for 320Baht, for 30 days.

Play Pokemon go in Chiang Mai

In Chiang Mai, you can play very well in the city Pokémon go, there are at the temples and in the city park several arenas and poke stop`s. As in Germany, the Thais have created groups in Whats app and other social media where you can arrange to gamble. Is not it cool from different countries to own normal but especially Legendary Pokémon? Write me your opinions in the comments

  • Pokémon go gambling in Bangkok

Pokemon-go-zocken-in-BangkokIn Bangkok, as in Chiang Mai, there are temples and city parks where your super Pokémon go for a go. Even in Bangkok, as a Pokémon go player, you need not be afraid that you can not make raids.

My Pokémon go gamble tip

A great opportunity to play Pokémon go in Bangkok is to take the city bus. For example, on the onward journey from Hua Lampong train station in Bangkok I played to the Mo Chit bus station Pokémon go. The bus takes about a good hour from Hua Lampong Station to Mo Chit Bus Station, with a myriad of stops. Because the bus is slow, you can brew your eggs and shoot at countless poke stops. It also gives you the opportunity to capture many Pokémon while driving. After arriving at the Mo Chit bus station, you have the opportunity to continue playing Pokémon go in the city park opposite.

  • Pokémon go gambling in Pattaya

Pokemon-go-zocken-in-PattayaIf you’re going to party in Pattaya, you do not have to worry about not playing Pokémon go. Also in Pattaya there is a Whats app group for Pokémon go players. Along the beach, there are plenty of poke stops and arenas on and around the malls. In the city park of Pattaya, it can also play very well. Because in the Pattaya city park, near Jomtien, you will find several arenas and poke stop`s directly at the water park.

  • Pokémon go gambling on the islands in Thailand

Pokemon-go-zocken-auf-Koh-ChangTraveling on Thailand’s Islands and playing Pokémon go. Yes dear gamers so it can be very well withstand. During my stay on Koh Chang, on Phuket and even on the smaller islands like Koh Larn, you can play Pokémon go in Thailand. So you can lie on the beach, take great pictures with your Pokémon and share them in the social networks or in your groups.

Pokemon go accessories

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