Popular travel destinations in Thailand

Beliebte Reiseziele

The most popular travel destinations for a Thailand vacation are the cities and islands of the country. Popular destinations include, above all, the regions around Bangkok and in the north or south of the country. At the international airports in Thailand you can take a taxi or bus to your hotel. In my Thailand travel tips you will also find a free packing list to help you pack your bags.

In Thailand you can experience a lot for little money, from temple tours to snorkeling trips and scooter tours. The beautiful waterfalls are ideal for cooling off and bathing in the crystal clear waters. Have you ever heard of a houseboat? In Kanchanaburi you can stay overnight on such houseboats and have a great holiday.


Bangkok, the popular capital

Bangkok, capital of Thailand and main destination. With two international airports in the capital of Thailand and good transport links by bus and train. In the million metropolis, there are also great sights and destinations.

beliebte Reiseziele in Pattaya

Popular tourist destination Pattaya

Pattaya is a very popular vacation spot for party lovers. In addition to the many bars and clubs to celebrate, there are beautiful little islands for a nice holiday in the immediate vicinity. In the shopping centers and on the night markets you can go shopping.

beliebte Reiseziele auf Phuket

Popular travel destinations on Phuket

Phuket is another great and popular destination in Thailand. Not only for young people, there are great sights and leisure activities on the island of Phuket. In Patong and especially in the Bangla Road will ensure a vibrant nightlife. The surrounding islands are ideal for beautiful day trips.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai in the north of Thailand

Chiang Mai is a city in northern Thailand. This popular destination makes the day trips on the Doi Suthep mountain and the waterfalls particularly worth seeing. Also in the city there are many sights and especially many older temples to visit. In the evening, you can explore the night markets and the few gogo bars and strip clubs.

Beliebte Reiseziele in Thailand - Kanchanaburi

Province and city Kanchanaburi

One of Thailand's most popular destinations is Kanchanaburi. The Erawan Falls and the National Park, far from the red light districts, make Kanchanaburi a great destination for the family. Spectacular are the houseboats on the reservoir, the overnight stays in it and the water parks.

Phang-NGA und James Bond Felsen

Phang-Nga National Park

Phang-Nga is a very popular tourist destination in Thailand due to the famous James Bond Rock. On the day trips there are more beautiful bays and caves to discover. Even in the slightly murky water of the national park, there are great spots for swimming.

Other popular destinations in Thailand

Do you know any other popular destinations in Thailand? Write it in the comments and why it is so worth seeing.

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