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Immobilie in Thailand kaufenIs it worth it to buy a property in Thailand? Well, there are some obstacles to acquire property in Thailand. Anyone who wants to buy his own house and land in Thailand, currently has no way of owning it. Although you are allowed to buy real estate in Thailand, you are not allowed to own the land if you are not Thai. In this case, the land is usually kept for 30 years. However, anyone who wants to buy land for a trade may own it under certain conditions.

Investment useful or not?

The purchase of condominiums, however, is very popular and there are beautiful and cheap apartments to buy in Thailand. Because the country is booming, prices are also rising, this can lead to a high value of your property. However, even in the case of residential buildings, the majority are in Thai hands and there is no guarantee that the decision to renew and modernize will come at the owners’ meetings. This would lead to a loss of value. However, an agreement leads to new investments that one has to raise or sell the apartment if necessary.

The right planning and procedure

With our checklist to buy house and apartment in Thailand, come your dream a safe piece closer. Buy house or apartment in Thailand

Hotel recommendations in Pattaya

If you do not travel as a backpacker from place to place in Thailand, you are certainly looking for the right hotel. Which hotels can I recommend to you in Pattaya? In the central Pattaya there is the very beautiful but also expensive Hilton Hotel that  Mera Mare Hotel is a little cheaper. The Royal Cruise Hotel is also located in central Pattaya and right on the beach.

Pattaya Naklua Hotels. Much cheaper it is still in Naklua, there is the Lek Villa Hotel with a nice big pool and that Woodlands Resort. In German hands is the slightly more expensive Thai Garden Resort.

Advertise Offers – Sell Property in Thailand

Anyone who has real estate in Thailand for sale and rent, may contact us for an ad. For a listing of a property on this blog post including pictures and description costs one time 50 € for the creation. From the second month, 25 € per month for the advertisement.

On request, we are happy to advertise your property in Thailand at AE Condos for sale on the same terms as above.

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