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Recommended travel productsThis article is about recommended travel products, which travel equipment makes sense for a Thailand trip? We help you to find the most necessary travel equipment. All of these travel products are affiliate links. We thank everyone for making a purchase through our links, you can also buy other products. However, our recommended travel products have been tested by us and other travelers and thus well proven.

Clearly, the required travel equipment depends on the nature of your holiday in Thailand. If you are traveling to Thailand on a mountain bike or you just want to swim and relax by the sea, you will need something other than a backpacker.

Neck pad, useless luggage or useful? If you have problems with a stiff neck on long-haul flights, a neck pillow is recommended. It also helps you to get some sleep. You can just hang it on the outside of the backpack and therefore it does not bother much and does not use any storage space. Do not forget to take your hand luggage!

The primary and recommended travel equipment

Among the primary travel equipment is a camera, the cell phone, the matching charging cables and batteries. Furthermore, memory cards and a fanny pack are very important for the passport. If you like traveling on social networks, you should get a prepaid card in Thailand, preferably a second mobile phone. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

Tips and information for good mobile Internet in Thailand can be found in my other travel report. And how do I take this with me? Of course in a nice backpack for day trips and for long trips.

Who is on action and underwater tours, where a Gopro may not be missing. For years, I already own a Deuter backpack, which I got once on my birthday for mountain biking gift given.

The general equipment includes medicines, diarrhea, pain and fever. The sunscreen and mosquito repellent should not be missing.

Secondary travel equipment and recommended travel products

For spectacular pictures, videos and aerial photography another equipment is needed. Do not forget to declare your drone in Thailand, you have to apply to the office. Pay attention to approval and registration with NBTC and CAAT. In addition, a liability insurance is necessary. Whoever gets caught without proof, makes himself punishable. Prison or 100,000 baht punishment.

For shake-free and sharp pictures as well as videos, the right camera and the right lens are needed. As an additional and very proven equipment we recommend a stabilizer. The stabilizers are available for mobile phones, gopro and cameras of all kinds. In order to take great pictures and videos while standing, a tripod is an advantage. The tripods are available in different equipment for a variety of applications.

Laptop, editing and Office programs are especially recommended for bloggers and editors.

Which travel equipment should you have as a backpacker?

If you travel through Thailand as a backpacker, you need a large hiking backpack for your general luggage. In addition, we recommend a smaller hiking backpack for all valuable papers and additional travel equipment for the front. Most important in a very good backpack are the back protectors, the chest strap and the hip strap.

For outdoor lovers, of course, a tent, sleeping bag and mattress interesting. If you like to travel away from civilization, you also need a camping stove and the necessary pot set. Thus, flashlights, a photovoltaic charging station and lighters are helpful. As a former boy scout and as an adventurer, I bring some experience here.

And now the shoes! If you have the wrong and new shoes to walk, you have to be prepared for bubbles. It is very bad and dangerous to walk with slippers, slippers and wet feet. Then rather without, next.

Pack suitcases properly

To pack the suitcase properly, what belongs where? Unfortunately, there are too many people packing their suitcases wrong. You sit in the long-haul aircraft and have a headache, but the painkillers are in the wrong suitcase. The wallet was not in hand luggage and the suitcase did not show up. Great! How to pack your suitcases correctly can be found in our Travel packing list. On the checklist are other good and recommended travel products.

If I should have forgotten something, write it in the comments.

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