Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya

The Sanctuary of Truth – wooden temple in Pattaya

Sanctuary of TruthA day trip to the Sanctuary of Truth is definitely a good idea. The beautiful and very elaborately built wooden temple is located directly on the sea in Pattaya Naklua. The building consists mainly of woodcarvings that have been integrated into every part of the building. Simply overwhelmingly impressive! It is also constantly being restored. Via Na Kluea 12 Alley on Naklua Road in Pattaya you will come to the wooden temple. The wooden sculptures symbolize the universe and the earth as well as the gods of the four elements, fire, water, wind and earth. The Hindu gods are: Shiva, god of earth and fire. Vishnu, god of water and Brahma, the god of the wind.

Holztempel in Pattaya

There are a few dress codes for women. So you can rent a few clothes upstairs before going down the stairs to the temple. The Sanctuary of Truth Temple is open daily from 8.30am to 6pm and is non-smoking. The entrance fee for tourists and Thais is 500Baht. Because the temple is continually being restored, you should also wear the helmet. The entrance fee also includes the performances which take place once at 11.30 am and once again at 3.30 pm in the afternoon. There is a show with Thai sword fighting and martial arts as well as a Thai dance performance.

The individual pieces of the temple are restored on site. In the workshop there is also a small model of the temple with the skeleton. But the basic construction of the wooden temple is very impressive. You can also see the work on the building and the workers during the restoration.

Eating and drinking at the Sanctuary of Truth, the wooden temple in Pattaya

When visiting the temple is also provided for food and drink. At the small lake, where turtles swim, you can comfortably eat and drink. For dessert and refreshment there are ice creams and fruits as well as smoothie to buy. Even before you go down the stairs to the temple, there is plenty of seating for dining with a magnificent view of the Sanctuary of Truth Temple.


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