The little shell game – watch out for rip-offs

The shell game and the shell player tricks

Shell game and shell playerWho does not know the little shell game? The shell player can be found all over the world, why not in Thailand? That game in which unfortunately only one wins and that the player himself. The shell game works like this, there are 3 cups or similar opaque vessels as handy as a hat. Underneath, the captain puts a ball or something similar, which he also shows you before the start of the game. Then the caps are swapped and mixed and you are allowed to guess where the ball is.

To the cap player are still other accomplices who fake the games also to attract others. Furthermore, the accomplices look after the police. If you start a fight, unfortunately you have bad cards, so please do not play with them. Mostly the game is about high stakes.

In Germany it is usually 50 € for a game. Those who lose usually get the chance to guess another 100 € between the two remaining cones. You think now you win and bet another 100 €, but far from it, you lose again. The hat game is not gambling but pure rip-off. The ball is no longer under one of the hats, but is in the hands of cap player. It all works through a well and long trained magic trick. Some players, who show the ball under the other hat, put this, in front of the pick, cleverly from behind under it.

Shell player and the shell game, the magic trick

In the TV series Attention rip-off, the rip-off with the hat game was already revealed, but also on other TV channels. Do not lose your money to such people! For 50 € and much more, you can make a great holiday. Do you know any in Thailand? Write us in the comments where you have already seen such cap player. So that I can convince you that this is really pure rip-off, please take a look at this short video.

Look at this bad player, you can tell that when he picks up the ball and when his colleague wins.

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