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Shopping in Chiang Mai – Markets & Malls

Today we spend a relaxing day in our hotel for two before going to Chiang Mai for shopping. After breakfast, I first wrote this report while my girlfriend massaged my back and shoulders. Then we watched TV until noon. There were in our hotel many English channels with great movies, but also a few German channels. Incidentally, I went through the city map of Chiang Mai and discovered a Tesco Lotus near us.

Go shopping and have lunch at the Tesco Lotus

So we made our way to the supermarket and shopping center on foot. From our hotel The Grand WIPANAN it was about a 15 minute walk to the Tesco Lotus. Arrived at the Tesco Lotus shopping center, we first looked around a bit in the basement. There we found a fancy restaurant to eat.

Eating in the Tesco Lotus

In this restaurant I ordered a mushroom soup for 80Baht and for us two a salad with salmon fillet stripes. This cost 180Baht. As a main course there was a spicy Thai meal for my girlfriend for 95Baht and for me the salmon steak with fries for 240Baht. In this delicious restaurant we had about 700Baht with drinks which equates to about 18.50Euro. After our lunch at the Tesco Lotus we went shopping.

Shopping in Tesco Lotus

Because my sports shoes were already worn, I put a few new ones for 600Baht. These shoes did not last very long!

What else do you get to buy in a Tesco Lotus?

In a Tesco Lotus shopping center you get jewelry, clothing, sporting goods, electronics, medicines, food and drinks, creams and other accessories and prepaid cell phone cards. For my girlfriend your mobile phone, we have bought a new prepaid card there. On the way back to our hotel, there are more stalls for shopping where we took a look. There are also several bars and restaurants in the streets in the direction of Tesco Lotus, where you can relax in the evening.


The Ploen Ruedee Night Market in Chiang Mai

Ploen-Ruedee-Night-Market-Chiang-MaiThe Ploen Ruedee Night Market offers some very nice dining options at different stands with good live music. In addition, there are many stalls to shop in the side streets and a few souvenirs at the night market.

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